Wednesday 13 November 2019

Singer Ciara in bid to secure Junior Eurovision spot

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Ciara Doherty
Ciara Doherty

Anna Hayes

A 14-year-old secondary school student from Coolcotts is bidding to become the Irish entrant for this year's Junior Eurovision Song Contest and she will feature in the TG4 series which is airing now.

Ciara Doherty is a second year student in the Presentation Secondary School and is an avid singer and performer. She lives with her sister Sophie and mother Tina, who said of her daughter that she 'eats, drinks and breathes singing' and doesn't think of anything else.

Ciara applied for the competition during the summer months and subsequently had an audition in Dublin. Following that, she was asked to write her own song for consideration and that resulted in her making it to the live shows and the semi finals.

Ciara wrote her song 'Creid' (Believe) in English first and then had it translated by Jessica Martin. She then worked with singer Sharon Clancy and American Heart singer and musician Michael Benson to bring the song to life musically, catching the judge's attention with the uplifting song.

Ciara has been a pupil of the Superstars Stage Academy for the past four years and also takes private lessons with Sharon.

Ciara and her sister Sophie also made it to the finals of Teen Stars with individual performances in Dublin during the summer.

Her mother Tina said that they were looking forward to seeing Ciara on the TV and said she had a long list of people to contact once she knew which dates Ciara was featuring on!

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