Friday 22 November 2019

Solo photo exhibition by Tom Dunne

Aftermath Croydon Riots by Tom Dunne
Aftermath Croydon Riots by Tom Dunne
Photographer Tom Dunne

Maria Pepper

Ballyhealy resident Tom Dunne will host his first solo photography exhibition, entitled Before Ballyhealy (Looking Back), at The Loft in the Stella Maris Centre, Kilmore Quay, from Friday April 26 to May 2.

The exhibition, which includes colour and monochrome images, will be officially opened by the noted Wexford photographer Tony Crosbie at 7.30 p.m. on Friday.

Tom, who is originally from Portlaoise, has self-published a number of highly-regarded collections of his photographs of the Ballyhealy area, but his Stella Maris Centre exhibition will focus on shots taken prior to his settling in Ballyhealy, in various locations including China, Cuba, Peru, London and Ireland.

'Visual display have proven to be particularly popular in our centre in Kilmore Quay and our past successes include exhibitions by Ivan Sutton, Serena Caulfield and Nicola Reddy', said Stella Maris Centre manager John Nunn.

'I expect a similar reaction to Tom Dunne's photographs as they capture the mystique and mystery of many exotic places and spaces', he said.

The photographer takes a no-nonsense approach to his photography.

'I have little or no interest in equipment upgrades, gadgets, brand loyalty and the technical side of photography.'

'To that end my exhibition will include a section exclusively featuring photographs taken on my humble Holga Toy Analog Cameras', he said.

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