Sunday 15 December 2019

Still life by six artists

Still Life by Amanda Doran.
Still Life by Amanda Doran.

Maria Pepper

An exhibition of still life work by six artists based in the South East will be on display at the Wexford Arts Centre from June 16 to July 14.

The exhibition is an exciting portrayal of the art form of still life, displaying new inventive ways of capturing the essence of the still form and showing it in contemporary ways through a variety of mediums.

A truly beautiful exhibition that will outweigh the expectations of the viewer, the shosw celebrates still life imagery in the traditonal sense but it also explores the boundaries of the art form, expressing the values of the still life image through our ever changing environment. The artists are Amdanda Doran, Maria Levigne, Martin Redmond, Mary-Ruth Walsh, Patricia Robinson and Tony Robinson.

The exhibition will be officially opened in the art centre on Saturday, June 16, at 3 pm.

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