Monday 27 January 2020

Three in a row for Sinéad

Sinéad O'Reilly
Sinéad O'Reilly

Sinéad O'Reilly of Loreto Wexford has made it three in a row in the Trócaire and Poetry Ireland annual poetry competition.

For the third year running, the 2nd year student has won an award at the competition. The awards ceremony took place in the National Library of Ireland.

The theme of this year's competition, now in its eighth year, was 'Land is Life' with participating poets encouraged to take a local-to-global perspective. The winning poems explored themes of migration, conflict, climate change and mankind's connection to the land.

There were six categories: two adult published and unpublished and four sections for children and teenagers. Sinéad won in the Post-Primary Junior category with her poem 'Morrissey'.

The winning poems were published in a booklet which will be distributed at events run by Trócaire and Poetry Ireland, including poetry readings, literary festivals, campaign launches and school workshops.

Sinéad won an award in the same category last year with a poem called 'The Olive Tree'. She has been invited to read with the acclaimed poet Paula Meehan at the Write By The Sea festival in Kilmore Quay in September.


Morrissey leaned on his spade,

Looked around and liked what he saw.

Sun on his brow, feet in the damp soil,

Immersed in nature's quiet symphony.

Morrissey would give us carrots,

Crumbed with clay, tied with twine at the stalks.

We'd fight over the forked one as he looked on,

Crinkles of contentment mapping his face.

Morrissey slumped with a sigh and a smile

Into Dagda's warm embrace and heard

The softening of nature's coda.

Summer stillness, man and nature as one

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