Friday 15 December 2017

TV3 'People's Debate' not really one at all

I have to say one thing about Vincent Browne, he's great fodder for a TV column! You'd never be stuck for something to say about him, whether it be good or bad. And he was back last week with the much heralded People's Debate, this time with an all women audience (God help us) to discuss the motion, 'Are Irish women liberated at last?'

And as he pointed out at the beginning of the show, it was very timely given we were celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Cumann na mBan to hold such a debate. So far so good.

It all went down hill for there on in with a more subdued than normal Vincenzo looking quite uncomfortable in his surroundings. Could you blame him? The amount of oestrogen flying around the studio must have been deadly!

It wasn't long before there were handbags at dawn with various representatives from all sorts of womens groups complaining they weren't getting enough funding, attention, air time, yada yada yada.

One lady was quite indignant that there were no men there. 'Where are the men?' she asked incredulously.

'Did you not read the invite?' quipped Vincenzo, not letting her away with it. Good on ya Vinny although to be fair, if TV3 tried a stunt like that with a male only audience there'd be world war three.

It became clear very quickly that this really wasn't a debate. There was no cohesive format, or agenda of items to discuss. They went from ranting about abortion, to single parenthood, low pay for women to gay rights. It was all rather tedious and predictable.

Vincent Browne wasn't the only one who heaved a bloody big sigh of relief when it was all over!

I love my food programmes and Masterchef UK is one of my all time favourites. You'd have to wonder though what exactly are Gregg Wallace's qualifications apart from being able to shovel vast quantities of food into his gob! His background is that of a green grocer and he now owns a couple of restaurants but apart from an obvious love of food, he doesn't appear to bring any other skills to the show. It would make you wonder what gives him the right to slag somebody else's food off when he can't boil an egg himself.

John Torode, on the other hand can cook but has the personality of a plank so maybe the two simply balance each other out. Last week's programme showed the contestants having to choose from boxes of ingredients, half of which I'd never heard of before, to create a dish. French personal trainer Tomas cooked smoked duck a l'orange with a load of foamy stuff on the side while Mark made a deconstructed carbonara.

What a load of gobshitery! Deconstructed carbonara?? What does that even mean? Meanwhile the boys didn't seem gone on any of them but did thoroughly enjoy Celiyah's salt fish which Greg described as 'knocking on the door of delicious.' High praise indeed even if he did give her the boot afterwards.


Game of Thrones, Mondays, Sky Atlantic, 9p.m.

Given all the hype and publicity, it would be extremely remiss of me not to mention the launch of season 4 of Game of Thrones which kicked off on Monday. I've never actually seen a full episode of this mega budget fantasy drama but have it on good authority that it is well worth following. With an incredible cast including Aidan Gillen, Liam Cunningham, Jack Gleeson and Emilia Clarke, Game of Thrones is a fantasy epic set in the fictional Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. Various factions, united under the banners of the noble houses of the Starks and the Lannisters, are locked in a bloody conflict for who controls the Iron Throne and rules the land.

It will be alright on the night Thursday, UTV, 9p.m.

Who remembers watching this as a kid on Saturday nights? Presented by Denis Norden until 2006, it comrpises of a selection of hilarious outtakes taken from different programmes. This time Griff Rhys Jones presents a special edition of the long running bloopers show featuring side splitting moments from such programmes as Doc Martin, Emmerdale and Coronation Street.

The Good Wife, Thursday, More4, 9p.m.

Still the best drama on TV at the moment, if you haven't watched it up until now, get the box set and play catch up. With a superb cast including Julianna Margulies, Alan Cumming and Chris Noth, we are well into season five and this week Eli (Alan Cumming) tries to get ahead of a potential scandal by hiring Kalinda to find out who the father of Marilyn's baby is. Meanwhile Alicia (Margulies) and Will (Josh Charles) go head to head in a case involving a rock band that's suing a TV network over infringement of copyrights.

The Crimson Field, Sunday BBC1, 9 p.m.

A major new six part period drama set during the first world war starring Suranne Jones, Hermione Norris and Oona Chaplin play idealistic nurses who are sent to the front line and soon realise that no training could have prepared them for the horrors they are about to experience. The story begins a year into the war in 1915 when soaring numbers of casualties resulted in a call for hospital volunteers.

Unreported World Friday, Channel 4, 7.30p.m.

A dead goat, a load of maggots and mountains of plastic are just some of the things found in Java's Citarum river which is believed to be the planet's most polluted river. Reporter Seyi Rhodes travels down the river by canoe with his guides, who were once fishermen and are now recyclers digging out valuable packaging that they can sell. Those who live by the river banks have no choice but to wash and drink this toxic water. Rhodes records the shocking results of the analysis of drinking water and predicts a massive health crisis ahead.

soap of the week

Ah I have to give it to Coronation Street again this week if only for Steve McDonald's hilarious performance when he woke up in bed next to a severely hungover Peter Barlow after rescuing him from a bar where he found him polaxed.

If Steve, played bySimon Gregson, was Irish, he'd be classed as a gom! One of those fellas who can't do right for doing wrong and always in trouble with the missus.

Good juicy storylines coming up again this week this time involving Sophie Webster and her gay lover Maddie who take to the streets when Sally finds out about their relationship and goes ballistic as only Sally can.

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