Wednesday 17 January 2018

Visitors have a blast at sun-baked Wexford Military Show

Natasha, Cathal and Stephen O'Reilly with David Lloyd
Natasha, Cathal and Stephen O'Reilly with David Lloyd
Teo Valedez and Hafid Tribak
Adam Whitty, Lexi Turner and Kerina Whitty
ABOVE: Mick O'Connell, Stefan Walsh, Adrian Tennant, Peter Shiggins, Anthony Doyle and Patrick Dobbs of Section 8 Airsof Team, Wexford; LEFT: Adam Whitty, Lexi Turner and Kerina Whitty
Sam, Olive and Bobby Cummings

THE FANTASTIC weather attracted large crowds to the Wexford Military Show at the weekend, with charioteers, Roman legionnaires and US Marines among those showing off their military skills.

There were skills demonstrations of archery and the chance to test your own mettle shooting some arrows and even a Hungarian Hun on horseback to delight the crowds.

The show is run by the Munster military Group and part funded by Wexford County Council, Failte Ireland, IPD Insurance, Wexford Means Business and Visit Wexford .

Romans Ireland put on a great display and performed several re-enactments over the two days, while the Irish Military re-enactment group showed off the prowess, weapons and vehicles of World War Two American Airborne forces and US Army Rangers.

Battlegroup South, Ireland's biggest and best German WW2 group, displayed a fine collections of original WW2 German vehicles. motorcycles and sidecars, solo machines, trucks and weapons.

The Irish Charioter showed off his skills with his original designed chariot, handling and his team of horses.

To bring things bang up to date, a European group set up a battle arena for laser tag competitions.

There was also a large display of stalls and trade stands, with collections of medals, helmetS, swords and other military equipment, old and new.

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