Thursday 13 December 2018

Wexford vets in dinner date auction to raise funds for Haiti

SUITS YOU SIR! Vet Martin Breen 'the hottie with the bow tie'.
SUITS YOU SIR! Vet Martin Breen 'the hottie with the bow tie'.

By David Tucker

BIDS are coming in thick and fast for two Wexford vets who are offering their services as dinner dates to raise funds for charity.

The vets, Martin Breen and Francois Walch, are being auctioned off, along with a gourmet dinner at La Cote Restaurant in Wexford.

The dinner date fund raiser is beling run as part of a charity dog event which takes place at the Bramley and O'Shea Veterinary Centre on Sunday, June 26. The highest bid received by Saturday night wins.

So far, the highest online bid is €150 'for the hottie in the bow tie,' while another €50 bidder says there will be no spending cap on the wine 'I'm in no way a cheap date'.

Martin says he and Francois are heading to Haiti at the end of the month to work for four weeks with the Haevan Charity, teaching in sports camps for children and building houses.

'I nearly got shot by my girlfriend when she heard about this, so we had to add a second vet to the dinner date,' said Martin. If you want to bid, the link to the Facebook page is:

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