Tuesday 19 November 2019

Wexford-born artist in Brooklyn show

One of the untitled works
One of the untitled works
One of the untitled works

The Elijah Wheat Showroom in Brooklyn, New York has a new exhibition by the Wexford-born artist Clive Murphy whose grandfather Dick Whelan owned a shop on North Main Street for many years.

Clive attended art college in Galway and later graduated with a Masters Degree from Belfast. While there, he met American girl Heather who became his wife and in 2005, the couple moved to New York where their children were born.

Clive is a practising visual artist whose new collection of work at the Elijah Wheat Showroom comprises some pieces made from reclaimed woven rugs. He re-purposed the textiles into wall tapestries with heavy black pigment soaking the fabric, leaving only cut-out like negative space, revealing forms with a minimalist composition.

Placed on a pedestal is an interactive box, holding identical loose forms, like detritus compiled randomly. Viewers are encouraged to shake the 'Random Composition Generator' to change the position of the loose objects and then place the game back on the pedestal.

Clive lives and works in Brooklyn. He has exhibited widely in New York, in Mexico City, Dusseldorf, Iceland, Minnesota, Minneapolis, Dublin, Limerick, London, Manchester, Brussels, Prague and Shanghai.

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