Saturday 7 December 2019

Wexford's Nic lands lead role in new movie

Wexford actor Nic Furlong who has landed the lead role in Baz David movie ‘Rotten Sweetness’.
Wexford actor Nic Furlong who has landed the lead role in Baz David movie ‘Rotten Sweetness’.
The film poster for 'Rotten Sweetness'.

Pádraig Byrne

Having played everybody's favourite bad guy Tony Doyle in TV3's 'Red Rock', Wexford actor Nic Furlong is excited about taking the next step in his career after landing the lead role in a new Baz David film 'Rotten Sweetness'.

Currently living in Enniscorthy, the former Wexford CBS student has been clocking up plenty of mileage of late travelling up and down to Dublin for rehearsals.

'We're in the middle of rehearsals at the moment,' he said. 'They're long days. You could be talking twelve hours by the time I get in my front door in the evening. It's exhausting, but at the same time it's really rewarding. You're coming home on a high. We start filming at the end of the month and I can't wait.'

Following on from his critically acclaimed role in 'Red Rock', Nic was keen to take the next step in his career and had attended a number of auditions before landing the role in 'Rotten Sweetness'.

'I did a really good audition,' he said. 'One of the best I've ever done. I had already auditioned for three other big roles - 'Hansel and Gretel', 'Dublin Murders' and 'Taken Down' - and hadn't got a call back. I've been focusing on trying to do bigger stuff lately and when I got the call back for this one I was over the moon. I needed it and I'm really looking forward to taking the next step.'

The modern suspense thriller tells the story of Jack Brennan, a man who has become numb with the monotony of his job and the loneliness of the city. Things, however, shift a gear when a high profile client approaches him with a case that will change his life for good.

Filming gets underway later this month and will take place at locations around Ireland as well as Croatia. Starring alongside Nic will be Owen O'Gorman who previously appeared in 'Angela's Ashes' and 'Into the West' and upcoming actress Samantha Gallagher who will play Nic's love interest in the movie.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Nic has also penned a play 'Woman In Black' which has been picked up by The Blackstairs Theatre Group and is due to be staged in The Presentation Centre in Enniscorthy over three nights on the June bank holiday.

'Rotten Sweetness' is slated for release in Irish cinemas next year and the people of Wexford will be excited to see one of its own sons hit the big screen!

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