Monday 20 November 2017

Phantom driving licence mystery solved

Judge's gavel.
Judge's gavel.

The mystery of the phantom Irish driving licence was cleared up when Judge Gerard Haughton sat at the District Court in Ardcavan on March 15.

Applicant Jason McLaughlin (49) of 35 Crossfarnogue Villas in Kilmore Quay attended court on a previous occasion to seek early return of his right to drive.

He stated on then that he had never held an Irish licence but had handed in a UK licence when he was put off the road for three years in September of 2013.

This prompted Garda Sergeant Gary Rayner to make enquiries which suggested that a driver number had been issued carrying the name of the applicant.

McLaughlin continued to insist that he had never held an Irish licence and, when the matter was recalled on March 15, the sergeant had an explanation ready for the court.

It turned out that the licensing authority in this country created a licence number on their records, specifically in order to take account of the 2013 disqualification handed down in an Irish court.

In the light of this, the sergeant had no objection to the lifting of the ban, which was granted with immediate effect.

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