Thursday 5 December 2019

Renovations at CAMHS new home nearly complete

Arden House in Whitemill Industrial Estate
Arden House in Whitemill Industrial Estate

Pádraig Byrne

The relocation of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) to more suitable surroundings took a major step forward last week as the HSE confirmed that works on Arden House at Whitemill Industrial Estate are coming to a conclusion.

The moving of CAMHS to Arden House from Slaney House on the Newtown Road has been mooted since 2017. Just over a year ago, Child Psychiatric Consultant Kieran Moore caused a storm when he resigned as a result of deplorable conditions in Wexford. As well as under-staffing, conditions at Slaney House were also put forward as a reason for his departure with him revealing: 'There was no facility to take bloods or properly examine patients. There were slugs crawling around on the floor. We didn't even have blinds on the windows.'

Since then, there have been several protests by groups such as the Wexford Mental Health Warriors in a bid to force some urgency to the upgrading of facilities and the hiring of more staff.

It is hoped that the next couple of weeks could see a major breakthrough. With work having got underway to fit out the new building in May, it is anticipated that services will be moved from Slaney House to Arden House in the next couple of weeks.

'The renovations are arriving at a conclusion and we will be entering the snagging phase next week to ensure that the property will be suitable for service provision in the third quarter of 2019,' the HSE stated.

The news has been cautiously welcomed by parents who have been desperately been awaiting the upgrading of facilities for some time. They are hopeful that with the new building finally opening its doors, Wexford will now be able to attract the staff to finally end the CAMHS crisis once and for all.

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