Monday 26 August 2019

Rubbish set alight in the back of abandoned van

Rubbish dumped inside the abandoned van was set alight last week
Rubbish dumped inside the abandoned van was set alight last week

Residents of Talbot Green are once again calling for action from Wexford County Council in helping them to clean up their local area after an incident which saw bags of rubbish set alight inside the back of an apparently abandoned van on the back street there.

According to locals, the van has been sitting there abandoned for months on end and, with the back being unlocked, has been a haven for anti-social behaviour.

In recent weeks, a notice was placed on the vehicle from the Environment Section at Wexford County Council ordering the removal of the vehicle, however, things came to a head last week when someone attempted to set fire to bags of rubbish that had been discarded in the back of the van.

A concerned local resident stated that children were playing nearby and the van is situated in close proximity to houses there. In the wake of this most recent incident there were calls for the council to remove the van as a matter of urgency before something similar happens again.

'According to the residents the van has been there for three or four months,' said Sinn Féin councillor Tom Forde. 'The back of it has been left open so there was rubbish dumped in the back of it and there was also talk of some people using drugs in the back of it. A notice was placed on the van from the Department of Environment and it looks like it will now be removed as a matter of urgency, either by the council or the gardaí.'

Residents of Talbot Green have made a huge effort to improve their local community, with a recent street party proving a huge success. However, problems with anti-social behaviour have plagued the area and they are still waiting for the council to install CCTV cameras as promised to try and stem the flow.

'These residents are doing everything they can to improve their area,' Cllr Forde said. 'But it feels like they are swimming against the tide. Once again a recent litter pick found more syringes discarded in an area where children regularly play.'

Cllr Forde says that while he has been assured that Wexford County Council are installing temporary CCTV cameras in the area, a mix-up in the order has delayed them being erected. 'Hopefully when the cameras go in, it will make a difference,' he said. 'If it works, this anti-social behaviour will stop and if it doesn't hopefully there will be prosecutions as a result of the footage.'

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