Wednesday 23 October 2019

All of the main officer positions were filled at the AGM last week


THERE WAS a very good and encouraging attendance at the annual general meeting of Wexford Community Games in the Ferrycarrig Hotel on Monday of last week. Thirteen Areas were in attendance with apologies from the Horeswood and Ferns Areas.

Murrough McDonagh represented National Community Games and Tony Dempsey, a good friend to Community Games, also dropped in to lend his support.

County President Margaret McDermott welcomed the guests and delegates and said it was very important to have the delegates present from the Areas, as the county officers need their guidance, advice and support. She appealed to the Areas to attend the county meetings in 2012 and hoped that a full committee would be elected. She congratulated all the youngsters on their achievements during the year and thanked the committee who organised the fundraising for the purchase of new tracksuits for the county, and also those who gave sponsorship.

Chairperson Brendan Byrne had words of appreciation for all the young people who participated in various activities and said their behaviour, attitude and hard work is recognised and it was an honour to be associated with them. He also thanked the young people who gave of their time to help out at Area, county and national level.

Therese Kyriacou, who took on the role as County Secretary in January, said she was chasing her tail for most of the year but thanks to everyone's support and patience she came through. Twenty-five Areas affiliated and she thanked the Area Secretaries for their hard work and dedication. Hopefully, she said, with further work in development and awareness of Community Games, some new Areas would be brought into the fold.

The Treasurer, Delores Moran, was absent from the meeting for the first time in a long number of years. Delores is at present a patient in Wexford General Hospital and the meeting wished her a speedy recovery. Her accounts, as we expected, were bang up to date and her detailed account showed the organisation to be ticking along nicely.

P.R.O. Anne Cowman said that she had attended as many of the county events as she possibly could but with family commitments in the latter part of the year, she had to depend on the goodwill of the managers and county co-ordinators who did not let her down as they stepped in and supplied reports. She also thanked Laurena Kent and Alice Devine who compiled reports from the national finals in Athlone in August.

She thanked the 'Wexford People' and 'Wexford Echo' for their continued support and coverage of the Games activities, a service that boosts the image and work of the organisation a thousand fold. She thanked Alan Aherne (People) and Michael Carthy (Echo) for their loyalty and friendship and also the photographers who attend so many of the county events.

Games Director Jason Moran thanked all the co-ordinators, referees, judges and stewards without whose help we could not function. He also thanked Glynn-Barntown G.A.A. club for the use of their premises and grounds for the team finals and Craanford Community Games for hosting the very successful athletic finals and the Areas that hosted county events. He thanked the ladies who took over the work of checking panel sheets and sorting out birth certs. which took some of the workload away from the county Secretary.


Thankfully all the main positions were filled, which is an encouraging sign, and delegates were also willing to lend a hand on committees. Wexford Community Games welcomes Jack Doyle from Craanford on board as Vice-Chairperson and Brigid Creane from Clonroche-Poulpeasty as Assistant Secretary. Former County Secretary, Eilish Kehoe, is taking on the task of looking after the birth certs. and panel sheets and she will be helped by Area member Colette Steele.

President, Margaret McDermott, Bannow-Ballymitty; Vice-President, Kathleen Howlett, Newbawn-Raheen; Chairperson, Brendan Byrne, Bree-Davidstown; ViceChairperson, Jack Doyle, Craanford; Secretary, Therese Kyriacou, Bree-Davidstown; Assistant Secretary, Brigid Creane, Clonroche-Poulpeasty; Registrars, Eilish Kehoe and Colette Steele, Glynn-Barntown; Treasurer, Delores Moran, Glynn-Barntown; P.R.O. and Leinster Delegate, Anne Cowman, Castlebridge-Crossabeg; Games Director, Jason Moran, Glynn-Barntown; Special Activities coordinator, Brendan Byrne; Development Officer, Martin Murphy, Clonroche-Poulpeasty; Children's Officer, Laurena Kent, Taghmon; Youth Officer, David Doyle-Murphy, Clonroche-Poulpeasty; N.E.C. delegate, Delores Moran; sub N.E.C. delegate, Jason Moran; delegates to national A.G.M., Delores Moran, Kathleen Howlett, Anne Cowman; Development Committee: Jason Moran, Brendan Byrne, Anne Cowman, Laurena Kent; Appeals Committee: Peter Shannon, Kilmore; Mary Murphy, Bree-Davidstown; Nora Muldoon, ClonrochePoulpeasty; Jimmy O'Neill, Clonard, as well as ViceChairperson Jack Doyle, Craanford.

A motion sent in by Clonroche-Poulpeasty calls for the addition of a competition for Under-8 boys and Under-8 girls in model-making. This motion to be forwarded for the national A.G.M.

The county committee also had a number of items down for discussion at the meeting. These items will be incorporated into the county byelaws and forwarded to each Area.

They are as follows: 1) all closing dates to be adhered to - no exceptions, the date is there for a reason; 2) all documentation and information to be collected at county meetings, no documents will be sent out in the post, so it is up to each Area to have a representative at the county meetings; 3) panel sheets are to be downloaded from the Community Games website and will not be sent out by the county Secretary. If any Area has a problem with this, the county Secretary will talk them through the procedure; 4) any queries from parents/managers are to be directed through their Area Secretary. The County Secretary's phone number is not to be given out to parents and guardians or managers.

A very important part of the proceedings was the annual presentation of the Area and Volunteer awards. Details on the best Area in the county have not been finalised but will be given out at the next county meeting.

The Youth Volunteer of the Year award went to the county Youth Officer, David Doyle-Murphy, and the Adult Volunteer of the Year award went to President, Margaret McDermott. Both will now be Wexford's representatives at the national awards ceremony in Athlone on November 19.

Areas are reminded to return county singlets and tracksuits immediately and any Area refunds will be sorted out in the coming weeks.

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