Monday 21 October 2019


Padraig byrne

A number of Wexford marksmen and women shot to success recently as they walked away with a number of All Ireland titles from the All Ireland Clay Pigeon Shooting Championships in Mullingar recently.

The 12-man Wexford County team managed to come out on top in the All Ireland, while Wexford-based Newbay Gun Club managed to win the All Ireland club competition.

The Wexford Ladies team also managed to win the All Ireland while individual competitions were won by Alison McGuire, Tom Murphy and Martin O'Leary, who walked away with a trio of gold medals in the County All Ireland, the club All Ireland and the individual high gun competition.

'To say it was a successful weekend would be an understatement,' said Life President of Newbay Gun Club, David Benson. 'It was a great weekend for Wexford and we pretty much walked away with everything we could win.'

While shooters from other clubs were also part of the county team's success, the majority of the success came from the Newbay Gun Club who made up half of the county team. 'It was a brilliant weekend,' said David. 'The conditions weren't the easiest though. They were shooting in temperatures of over 28 degrees. However all of the shooters have a lot of experience though and we knew exactly how to prepare.'

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