Wednesday 24 January 2018

Double standards are one of my pet hates

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Daniel Gorman

Clare's Davy O'Halloran who has been the victim of double standards, in my opinion
Clare's Davy O'Halloran who has been the victim of double standards, in my opinion

Double standards are one of my pet hates.

Unnecessary swearing, lack of manners, and people using social media as a diary are some of the others.

This week, Madonna grinded my gears. She many not belong on the sports pages but she doesn't belong down Drake's throat either.

Now, if they were in a relationship, I would have no problem with them whatsoever.

If they're happy, power to them. But they're not. And they never will be.

Yet, Madonna still felt it was okay to throw the lips on the hippity-hoppity star to get herself another few column inches.

Drake took it quite well, after the initial bout of near-vomiting, but it was the reaction on social media that annoyed me.

The vast majority of the reaction was shock and surprise but very little negativity towards Madonna.

What if it had been the other way around? There are 28 years between Madonna and Drake.

What if a 56-year-old man had gobsmacked a 28-year-old girl for a bit of attention?

He would've got plenty of it but not the kind he would've wanted.

Pierce Brosnan is 28 years older than Britney Spears.

Imagine he forced himself upon her on stage. Just imagine the uproar. He'd be finished. People would be up in arms over it.

There are double standards far and wide in sport.

Even on our own shores there was a well-documented case of it just a few weeks ago as Clare hurlers Davy O'Halloran and Nicky O'Connell walked away from the panel after O'Halloran was left 'humiliated' by the treatment he received.

O'Halloran was the man of the match for the Banner county in the All-Ireland Under-21 final just two years ago but he's now been forced to turn his back on his beloved county.

O'Halloran and O'Connell apparently refused to fulfil a punishment handed down to them for a breach of conduct.

They did so after they discovered a more senior member of the squad escaped scot-free for what they felt was a much more serious breach.

But we all know cases like that. Whether it's your school team or local club, there are very often some rules for some and then other rules for others.

If 90% of the lads miss training they'll get a tongue-lashing and be dropped but then other fellas can rock up on match day and they'll be the first name on the teamsheet.

At Wimbledon, for many years, the female tennis players' prize money was inferior to that of the men.

This was a thorny issue for the female players but in recent years they were vindicated as the prize money was made equal.

They cried that it was double standards when they received lesser prize money but the fact is that the females play the best of three sets, meaning that they'll play a maximum of three sets per match.

The male tennis players play best of five sets, meaning that they'll play a minimum of three sets.

So why should females play a whole lot less yet get paid the same amount?

That, my friends, is double standards.

I am not saying for a second that females should get paid less but they can't bemoan the fact that it isn't fair when, in fact, they have to play a lot less.

Homosexuality is a burning issue in sport. The male athletes of this world, understandably, are terrified of coming out.

Unfortunately, there are still too many idiots and pigs out there and they make it impossible for a man to be out, loud and proud.

That's why people like former Germany international Thomas Hitzlsperger had to wait until after his retirement.

Who could blame him? The terraces (mainly talking about football now) would eat him alive and make his life hell.

Justin Fashnau was the first headline making openly-gay footballer and he suffered 'heavy damage' for his sexuality and tragically took his own life at 37.

But in women's sport, and we've all heard it - as disgusting as it is, the slanderous and outrageous presumption that females will probably be homosexual just because they play sport.

I have absolutely no idea how I've gone from Madonna to Justin Fashnau and I've rather gone off topic but I do feel a damn sight better after my rant.

I hate double standards. And opinionated journalists.

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