Thursday 19 September 2019

All the results and fixtures

GAA round-up

The Wexford squad before Sunday's loss to Dublin in the Electric Ireland Leinster championship final in Croke Park
The Wexford squad before Sunday's loss to Dublin in the Electric Ireland Leinster championship final in Croke Park

ACHL Division 1A: Rathnure 4-15, Faythe Harriers 0-9; St. Martin's 0-20, Shelmaliers 2-8.

ACFL Division 1A: Glynn-Barntown 1-8, Starlights 1-7; Castletown 4-8, Shelmaliers 2-9; St. Martin's w.o., Sarsfields scr.

ACFL Division 1B: St. Anne's 6-17, Adamstown 1-6; Horeswood 1-10, Fethard 1-8; Gusserane 0-18, St. James' 2-7.

ACHL Division 2A: Craanford 3-15, Oulart-The Ballagh 0-9.

ACFL Division 2A: Bannow-Ballymitty 1-18, Taghmon-Camross 1-6; St. Mary's (Rosslare) w.o., Kilmore scr.; Clongeen 2-12, St. Fintans 2-10.

ACHL Division 2B: Oylegate-Glenbrien 0-17, Rathgarogue-Cushinstown 1-8; Shamrocks 2-15, Blackwater 1-18.

ACFL Division 2B: Kilanerin 1-14, Ballyhogue 2-4; St. Joseph's 4-10, Ferns St. Aidan's 2-4; HWH-Bunclody w.o., St. Mary's (Maudlintown) scr.

ACHL Division 3A: St. Patrick's 1-13, Ballyfad 1-13.

ACFL Division 3A: Réalt na Mara 1-6, Kilrush 0-7; St. Patrick's 3-8, Kilanerin 1-14; Craanford 2-8, Naomh Eanna 1-8.

ACHL Division 3B: Fethard 2-14, Taghmon-Camross 1-11.

ACFL Division 3B: Duffry Rovers w.o., Geraldine O'Hanrahans scr.; Cloughbawn 1-8, Volunteers 1-7.

ACHL Division 4A: Naomh Eanna 0-14, Davidstown-Courtnacuddy 1-11.

ACFL Division 4A: St. Martin's 5-10, Shelmaliers 3-13; Rathgarogue-Cushinstown 6-10, Glynn-Barntown 2-4; Blackwater 4-7, St. Anne's 1-6.

ACFL Division 4B: Monageer-Boolavogue w.o., Marshalstown-Castledockrell scr.; Castletown 2-12, Shamrocks 1-9; Tara Rocks 3-10, Starlights 2-9.

ACHL Division 5A: St. Martin's 1-12, Kilmore 1-12; Adamstown 3-13, Rathnure 2-11.

ACHL Division 5B: Cloughbawn 1-23, Buffers Alley 1-6.

ACFL Division 5B: Bannow-Ballymitty 2-10, Gusserane 0-6; Adamstown 4-13, St. Mary's (Maudlintown) 4-11.

ACHL Division 6A: Askamore 1-16, Shamrocks 2-9.

ACHL Division 6B: Oylegate-Glenbrien 0-21, St. James' 0-11; Crossabeg-Ballymurn w.o., Clongeen scr.

ACHL Division 7: Marshalstown-Castledockrell 3-13, Rapparees 1-14; Faythe Harriers 3-15, Clonard 3-10.


Enniscorthy District U21HC Roinn 1 championship (all 7.30 p.m., first-named at home): Ballyhogue v. Cloughbawn (John O'Rourke); Monageer-Boolavogue v. Duffry Rovers (Dickie Murphy); HWH-Bunclody v. Rathnure (John Carton).

ACHL Division 7 (8 p.m.): Rapparees v. Faythe Harriers; Marshalstown-Castledockrell v. St. Patrick's; Clonard bye.


ACHL Division 1B (7.45 p.m.): Naomh Eanna v. Oulart-The Ballagh (Shane Quinn).


ACHL Division 1B (8 p.m.): Rapparees v. Buffers Alley (Barry Redmond).

ACHL Division 2B (8 p.m.): Rathgarogue-Cushinstown v. Crossabeg-Ballymurn (Anthony Tobin).

ACHL Division 5B (8 p.m.): Buffers Alley v. HWH-Bunclody (Paddy Campbell).


Gorey District JBHC (both 8 p.m., first-named at home): Ballygarrett v. Craanford; St. Patrick's v. Askamore.

ACHL Division 1A (8 p.m.): Faythe Harriers v. Shelmaliers (Gearóid McGrath); St. Anne's v. Rathnure (Seán Whelan); Glynn-Barntown v. St. Martin's (Dan Crosby).

ACHL Division 1B (8 p.m.): Ferns St. Aidan's v. Cloughbawn (James Owens).

ACHL Division 2A (8 p.m.): Askamore v. Monageer-Boolavogue (Pádraig Byrne); Ballygarrett v. HWH-Bunclody (Eddie O'Sullivan).

ACHL Division 2B (8 p.m.): Blackwater v. Adamstown (Brian O'Leary); Oylegate-Glenbrien v. Shamrocks (John Carton).

ACHL Division 3A (8 p.m.): Ballyfad v. Duffry Rovers (Joe Kelly).

ACHL Division 3B (8 p.m.): Geraldine O'Hanrahans v. St. James' (Pat Kehoe).

ACHL Division 4B (8 p.m.): St. Mary's (Rosslare) v. Clongeen (Kevin Kehoe); Horeswood v. Bannow-Ballymitty (David Jenkins).

ACHL Division 5A (8 p.m.): Kilmore v. Rathnure (Bob Treacy).

ACHL Division 6A (8 p.m.): Craanford v. Monageer-Boolavogue (John O'Loughlin); Askamore and Shamrocks byes.

ACHL Division 7 (8 p.m.): Rapparees v. Clonard (Aiden O'Brien).


AT THURLES: All-Ireland Senior football championship round 2B qualifier, Limerick v. Cork, 3 p.m.

5 p.m. - All-Ireland Senior hurling championship round two qualifier, Wexford v. Cork.

7 p.m. - All-Ireland Senior hurling championship round two qualifier, Limerick v. Clare.

Ticket information (reserved seating for both stands): adults €25, Juveniles €5, students/OAP - purchase at full price with concession available on day with valid ID (€10 rebate).Tickets will be on sale in Wexford Park Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and via the usual channels - and Centra/SuperValu. Due to the reserved seating and given the triple header, patrons are advised to pre-purchase.


AT PORTLAOISE: TG4 Leinster ladies' football Intermediate championship final, Wexford v. Kildare, 2 p.m.

ACHL Division 3A (7 p.m.): St. Patrick's v. Marshalstown-Castledockrell (David Owens; Buffers Alley bye.

ACHL Division 3B (7 p.m.): Taghmon-Camross v. Rathnure (John Tobin); Our Lady's Island v. Fethard (Philip Murphy).

ACHL Division 4A (7 p.m.): Shelmaliers v. Tara Rocks (Noel O'Connor); Davidstown-Courtnacuddy v. Ferns St. Aidan's (Dickie Murphy); Naomh Eanna v. Rapparees (Paddy Brady).

ACHL Division 4B (7 p.m.): Faythe Harriers v. Gusserane (Derek Murphy).

ACHL Division 5A (7 p.m.): Adamstown v. Ballyhogue (Michael Gannon); St. Martin's v. Glynn-Barntown (Mick Lanigan).

ACHL Division 5B (7 p.m.): Oulart-The Ballagh v. Cloughbawn (Francis Neville); Duffry Rovers v. Monageer-Boolavogue (Nicholas Kehoe).

ACHL Division 6B (7 p.m.): St. James' v. Clongeen (Noel Whelan); St. Anne's v. Oylegate-Glenbrien (Henry Sinnott); Crossabeg-Ballymurn bye.

ACHL Division 7 (12 noon): Ballygarrett v. Marshalstown-Castledockrell (Pat Owley); Faythe Harriers and St. Patrick's byes.


AT INNOVATE WEXFORD PARK: Leinster IHC final, Wexford v. Kilkenny, 7.30 p.m.

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