Tuesday 21 January 2020

All the results and fixtures

Stephen O’Gorman bearing down on Offaly’s goal during the Leinster Under-21hurling championship quarter-final in Innovate Wexford Park on Wednesday
Stephen O’Gorman bearing down on Offaly’s goal during the Leinster Under-21hurling championship quarter-final in Innovate Wexford Park on Wednesday
The Wexford Under-21 hurling squad before Wednesday’s championship win at home to Offaly

EEW ACHL Division 1A: Shelmaliers 3-13, Crossabeg-Ballymurn 0-13; Faythe Harriers 1-19, Glynn-Barntown 1-14; St. Martin's 4-19, Rathnure 1-10.

EEW ACHL Division 1B: Craanford 1-12, Rapparees 0-12; Oulart-The Ballagh 0-20, Buffers Alley 1-12; Cloughbawn 3-12, Ferns St. Aidan's 2-15.

EEW ACHL Division 2A: Oulart-The Ballagh 1-21, St. Patrick's 2-11.

ACFL Division 2A: Ballyhogue 2-6, St. Mary's (Maudlintown) 0-4; HWH-Bunclody 2-9, Réalt na Mara 2-7.

EEW ACHL Division 2B: Oylegate-Glenbrien 3-28, Rathnure 3-4; Blackwater 1-19, Rathgarogue-Cushinstown 2-11; Adamstown 2-19, St. Anne's 2-12.

EEW ACHL Division 3A: Tara Rocks 3-32, Marshalstown-Castledockrell 1-14.

EEW ACHL Division 3B: Shelmaliers 6-10, Geraldine O'Hanrahans 1-14; Taghmon-Camross 2-10, Fethard 1-13.

EEW ACHL Division 4A: Naomh Eanna w.o., Davidstown-Courtnacuddy scr.; Tara Rocks w.o., Buffers Alley scr.; Liam Mellows w.o., Rapparees scr.

ACFL Division 4A: Shelmaliers 3-13, St. Martin's 1-11; St. Anne's 2-12, Kilmore 4-6.

EEW ACHL Division 4B: St. Martin's 2-17, Clongeen 2-10; Bannow-Ballymitty 3-14, Horeswood 1-10.

ACFL Division 4B: Starlights 2-5, St. Patrick's 0-7; Castletown 5-20, Ballyhogue 0-4; Monageer-Boolavogue 4-5, HWH-Bunclody 1-10.

EEW ACHL Division 5A: Gusserane 3-21, Adamstown 2-6; Cloughbawn w.o., Glynn-Barntown scr.; Rathnure 2-10, Kilmore 0-10.

ACFL Division 5A: St. Mary's (Maudlintown) 1-8, Clonard 1-2.

EEW ACHL Division 5B: Ferns St. Aidan's 3-14, Monageer-Boolavogue 3-11; Craanford 2-19, Duffry Rovers 2-8; Oulart-The Ballagh w.o., Crossabeg-Ballymurn scr.

ACFL Division 5B: Clongeen 2-11, Gusserane 1-7; Fethard 3-11, Adamstown 0-11.

EEW ACHL Division 6A: Ballygarrett 4-24, Monageer-Boolavogue 1-9.

ACFL Division 6A: St. Mary's (Rosslare) 5-11, Our Lady's Island 4-5; Oylegate-Glenbrien 3-7, Bannow-Ballymitty 2-3.

EEW ACHL Division 6B: Clongeen w.o., St. James' scr.

ACFL Division 6B: Réalt na Mara 4-6, Clonee 0-7; Naomh Eanna 2-9, Kilrush 2-5.

Enniscorthy District JBHC: Shamrocks 4-12, Rapparees 0-7.

Wexford District JBHC: St. Martin's 1-17, Crossabeg-Ballymurn 1-9; Blackwater 3-25, Kilmore 0-6; Faythe Harriers 4-7, Clonard 3-8.

Gorey District JBHC: St. Patrick's 2-14, Ballygarrett 0-6.

New Ross District JBHC: Gusserane w.o., Fethard scr.


ACHL Division 2A (8 p.m.): Askamore v. Naomh Eanna (Pádraig Byrne).

ACHL Division 3A (8 p.m.): HWH-Bunclody v. Shamrocks (Aiden O'Brien); Buffers Alley v. Duffry Rovers (Eddie O'Sullivan).

ACHL Division 5A (8 p.m.): Kilmore v. Glynn-Barntown (Stephen Burke); Rathnure v. Adamstown (Pat Kehoe).

ACHL Division 6B (7.30 p.m.): Oylegate-Glenbrien v. Rapparees (John Carton).


AT NAVAN: Leinster JFC semi-final, Wexford v. Meath, 7.30 p.m. (David Hickey, Carlow).

ACHL Division 2A (8 p.m.): Ballygarrett v. Monageer-Boolavogue (Justin Heffernan).

ACHL Division 4B (8 p.m.): St. Mary's, Rosslare v. Our Lady's Island (Billy Dodd).

ACHL Division 6A (8 p.m.): HWH-Bunclody v. Askamore (Martin Quigley).


ACHL Division 3B (8 p.m.): St. James' v. Faythe Harriers (John Diskin).


The Wexford L.G.F.A. annual golf classic will be held in Enniscorthy Golf Club. The cost of €200 for a team of four includes a meal. Some valuable prizes are to be won. To book a team or sponsor a tee, please contact Denis Nolan (086-8111878).

ACFL Division 1A (8 p.m.): Castletown v. Sarsfields (Eddie O'Sullivan); Shelmaliers v. St. Martin's (Fintan O'Reilly); Kilanerin v. Glynn-Barntown (James Owens).

ACFL Division 1B (8 p.m.): Bannow-Ballymitty v. Adamstown (James Mullally); Horeswood v. St. Anne's (David Jenkins); St. James' v. Gusserane (Anthony Tobin).

ACFL Division 2B (8 p.m.): Clongeen v. Taghmon-Camross (Eric Molloy); Kilmore v. Fethard (Damien Donovan).

ACFL Division 3B (8 p.m.): St. Fintan's v. Shamrocks (Niall McDonald); Cloughbawn v. Volunteers (John Tobin).

ACFL Division 4B (8 p.m.): Starlights v. HWH-Bunclody (Brendan Martin); St. Patrick's v. Ballyhogue (Pádraig Byrne).

Wexford District JBFC (all 7.30 p.m., first-named at home): St. Joseph's v. St. Martin's (Peter Shannon); St. Mary's, Rosslare v. Our Lady's Island (Billy Dodd); Kilmore v. St. Mary's, Maudlintown (Pádraig McMahon); Crossabeg-Ballymurn bye.

Gorey District JBFC (both 8 p.m.): Clonee v. Ferns St. Aidan's; Craanford v. Kilrush.

AT OYLEGATE: Enniscorthy District JBHC, Oylegate-Glenbrien v. Rathnure, 8 p.m. (Ian Plunkett).


AT INNOVATE WEXFORD PARK: Leinster Club hurling league Division 3 final, Windgap (Kilkenny) v. Shanahoe (Laois), 5 p.m. (Barry Redmond).

7 p.m. - Leinster SHC semi-final, Wexford v. Kilkenny, 7 p.m. (Fergal Horgan, Tipperary).

AT BELLEFIELD: Liberty Insurance All-Ireland Intermediate camogie championship, Wexford v. Kilkenny, 2.30 p.m.


AT DUNSHAUGHLIN: TG4 Leinster ladies' Intermediate football championship, Wexford v. Meath, 2.30 p.m.

ACFL Division 2A (7 p.m.): Réalt na Mara v. St. Joseph's (Justin Heffernan); HWH-Bunclody v. St. Mary's, Maudlintown (Aiden O'Brien); Starlights v. Ballyhogue (Kevin Carty).

ACFL Division 2B (7 p.m.): Crossabeg-Ballymurn v. St. Mary's, Rosslare (Barry Redmond).

ACFL Division 3A (7 p.m.): Kilanerin v. Ferns St. Aidan's (David Owens); Duffry Rovers v. Craanford; Naomh Eanna v. Kilrush (Paddy Brady).

ACFL Division 3B (7 p.m.): Rathgarogue-Cushinstown v. Geraldine O'Hanrahans (John Diskin).

ACFL Division 4A (7 p.m.): Shelmaliers v. St. Anne's (Philip Murphy); St. Martin's v. Blackwater (Stephen Burke); Kilmore bye.

ACFL Division 4B (7 p.m.): Monageer-Boolavogue v. Castletown (Ian Plunkett).

ACFL Division 5A (7 p.m.): Duffry Rovers v. Volunteers (John Carton); St. Mary's (Maudlintown) and Marshalstown-Castledockrell byes.

ACFL Division 5B (7 p.m.): Adamstown v. Sarsfields (Lar Doyle); Gusserane v. Fethard (Henry Sinnott); Clongeen bye.


ACFL Division 6A (8 p.m.): Oylegate-Glenbrien v. St. Joseph's; Bannow-Ballymitty v. St. Mary's, Rosslare (George Dee); Our Lady's Island bye.

ACFL Division 6B (8 p.m.): Kilrush v. Craanford (Paul Browne); Réalt na Mara v. Naomh Eanna (Paddy Campbell); Clonee bye.


Enniscorthy District JBHC (all 8 p.m., first-named at home): Shamrocks v. Oylegate-Glenbrien (Brendan Martin); Monageer-Boolavogue v. Rapparees (Seamus Whelan); HWH-Bunclody v. Rathnure (Dickie Murphy).

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