Monday 16 September 2019

Alleged assault on ref is probed

Findings ready to be issued

Diarmuid Devereux
Diarmuid Devereux

Brendan Furlong

Wexford G.A.A. officials have concluded a full investigation into an alleged assault on well-known referee Barry Redmond.

The incident is alleged to have occurred during the course of the Wexford town football league game involving St. Joseph's and Volunteers played at Páirc Charman earlier this month.

A St. Joseph's player is alleged to have assaulted the referee during the second-half of the game, while a second player from the club was also dismissed in a separate incident.

Following the receipt of the referee's report into the alleged incident, the Central Competitions Control Committee (C.C.C.C.) launched an investigation, completing their findings last week.

Aidan O'Leary, Chairman of the Committee, said the outcome of their deliberations were submitted to the County G.A.A. Office, and the club and player will now be informed.

However, according to St. Joseph's County Board delegate, Billy Codd, they are still awaiting the findings relating to any incident.

'The player allegedly involved in the incident was just a guest player with us. When this league started up last year we were told by one of the organisers that the league was being run just to encourage people to play football,' he said.

'This player tried to transfer to our club from Clonard, but under the new town rule, he could not get a transfer this year. There is bad blood between St. Joseph's and Clonard. This new rule was brought in at the behest of Clonard to curtail transfers within the town for a given period,' Codd claimed.

'We were approached by another Clonard player wanting to transfer to our club. This player also said he would bring other Clonard players with him. We had our own meeting but decided against taking a player in those circumstances, but still we are open to players transferring to us under the proper procedures. We will accept genuine transfers.

'I've nothing against Clonard but those organising this tournament should have taken a broader look when appointing a referee. The referee appointed is from the Clonard club who are joined with Volunteers under Wygram Gaels for under-age and Junior hurling. That should not have happened.

'We will await any report and take it from there,' he added.

Wexford G.A.A. Chairman, Diarmuid Devereux, said the findings of the committee will be forwarded to both club and player.

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