Monday 23 October 2017

Busy year for Hearings

The Hearings committee of Wexford GAA, having met on 14 occasions, dealt with 25 disciplinary cases in 2015.

The committee, consisting of nine members, had two emergency meetings included in that total, while they also heard 17 appeals against non-transfer.

The main disciplinary cases consisted of striking with fist (4); striking with the hurl (3); abusive language to match officials (3); physical interference with match official (2), contributing to a melee (2).

In their report to convention the committee stress that seeing that striking with the fist or hurl makes up about half of the main disciplinary offences, clubs should emphasise to their players the importance of maintaining good discipline on the field.

Players should also be reminded that if they commit an offence from the same category within two years, the penalty for the second offence is automatically doubled.

If the offence occurs near the end of one championship calendar, some or all of the penalty might need to be served the following year.

The principal area of activity for appeals against non-transfer came from the Wexford town area, where a total of 13 of the 17 appeals originated.

In under-age there was a total of six appeals, five of which came from Wexford town, while adult made up the remaining 11 cases, eight of which came from Wexford town.

All but one appeal was refused, as they contravened either the Wexford town rule or the older Parish rule.

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