Saturday 21 September 2019

Club players suffer

Naturally enough, everyone was on a high after the events in Semple Stadium on Saturday, but one cannot help feeling that the poor old club player has suffered unduly as a result.

Shortly after the success over Cork, club Secretaries were informed that the full schedule of 30 local hurling championship games scheduled for this coming weekend had been shelved, and would be replaced by some All-County League finals.

Here at 'Seen and Heard' we can understand why it's necessary to play all games in the fifth and final round of the group stages simultaneously.

After all, one game could have a direct bearing on the next, so it's important that no unfair advantage is conferred on any given team by having staggered times. However, in this instance the matches in question were only in round three, so was it really necessary to call off the entire programme?

Of course, it's only right that Liam Dunne has full access to his squad this coming weekend, and we agree fully with the decision to postpone the games involving all those on the squad of 26.

However, by our calculations, based on the players listed in Saturday's match programme, only 13 of the 30 club games which were originally down for decision involve members of the Wexford squad: all six Senior ties, plus four in Intermediate, two in Intermediate 'A', and one in Junior.

That leaves two Intermediate, four Intermediate 'A', five Junior and six Junior 'A' matches which could have gone ahead.

The decision to call off eleven games out of twelve in the two lower grades seems particularly odd. There is only one player, David Dunne, performing with a club at that level (Davidstown-Courtnacuddy), and surely their game against Gusserane could have been fitted in at a later date while the other five went ahead.

Hopefully these postponements won't come back to haunt the C.C.C. at a later date, but one has to express surprise at this move given that more than half of the scheduled matches could have been played.

Finally, it was good to see somebody read our column last week as Eanna Martin's club was corrected in the aforementioned programme. We're still not happy though, as it was the only one listed 'as Gaeilge' and should have been recorded as Geraldine O'Hanrahans given that the other 25 were all in English.

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