Thursday 23 November 2017

Conran says boss has full backing of Wexford followers

Brendan Furlong

John Conran knows exactly what it's like on the sideline in the highly-pressurised position of managing the Wexford Senior hurlers
John Conran knows exactly what it's like on the sideline in the highly-pressurised position of managing the Wexford Senior hurlers

Whatever the rest of the country may think, Davy Fitzgerald has the full backing of Wexford supporters.

That's the view of former player and manager John Conran.

'We've heard so much about the Nowlan Park incursion, now is the time to get behind Davy and his team,' the Rathnure clubman said.

'In lifting them from Division 1B, defeating Kilkenny in Nowlan Park for the first time since 1957, guiding them to a six-game winning run and simply making a dormant support vibrant again, Davy has lit the hurling flames in Wexford once again,' he added.

Davy has endeared himself to Wexford supporters. He went out on a limb and has won over the hearts of the increasing Wexford following, who made up the majority of the 19,000-plus support base at the Kilkenny venue for the Tipperary semi-final clash.

Now is the time to move on, get behind Davy and the team, and look ahead to the championship.

'The county is behind Davy, with 19,000 in Nowlan Park for the semi-final, and up to 15,000 at the same venue for Kilkenny. Liam Dunne had brought hurling so far, fair play to him, but Davy came in and took it to another level. More importantly the players rowed in behind him, and so far it has been super,' Conran said.

'Davy also brings great drama to it all. It takes two to tango so it was important for the players to row in behind him. With the result it has been a two-way street and has worked so well so far.

'When he went on to the pitch, I know it was not right, but you could see the players respond to him, and they simply lifted themselves again. He has been great for Wexford hurling, and has brought so much to the game in the county, so hopefully before he ever thinks of leaving we will have a national title and some silverware in the bag.

'We face a banana skin game in the quarter-final, but Davy is the sort of fella who will not be looking beyond that, even when others are talking about Kilkenny. Look, should we get to Kilkenny in Innovate Wexford Park, it will be a sell-out, a marvellous occasion.

'Then Davy will see how the crowd is behind him and the team. We now need to move on and sustain our progress, as sustainability is important, and not let this just be a one-year thing.

'Yes, Davy has been marvellous for Wexford and hurling. Let's get behind him and sustain the progress, as it brings a smile to everyone,' Conran added.

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