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Devereux offers thanks after five years in office

GAA Convention 2016

Outgoing Wexford GAA Chairman Diarmuid Devereux
Outgoing Wexford GAA Chairman Diarmuid Devereux

Chairman Diarmuid Devereux in his closing address having served five years in office offered a special thank you to all who had been of help.

He thanked the club delegates who turned up to meetings over the five years, the full-time staff in Innovate Wexford Park, the coaching staff, ground staff. He also paid a special thanks to secretary Margaret Doyle, who he said, is due to step down next year.

He also thanked the various sponsors, Club Wexford, the Supporters Club, all of whom will play a huge part in the years tocome.

The highlight for him was the fact that he was elected Chairman coming from a small club which is a massive honour for any person.,

'We had good times, bad times, blazing rows but everyone is interested in moving forward. Another highlight for me was the opening of the Centre of Excellence in Ferns, which took a lot of work. For their help I would like to thank the Leinster Council, Croke Park and the three main political parties. Now we have the centre for Féile, for all inter-county teams training.

'The election campaign is now over. It has been drawn out and has been fractious. It's over now. Tomorrow the Wexford Park gates will be opened by Margaret. The incoming Chairman will start running the Association in Wexford and will need €9,000 per day, which cannot be done without the co-operation of everyone.'

He thanked the public who had supported the Association, the media and radio for their massive coverage.

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