Monday 22 January 2018

Former inter-county stars are facing bans

Wexford CCCC recommends sanctions for ex-players

Brendan Furlong

Wexford CCCC have recommended a 12-week ban for Wexford legend Tony Doran
Wexford CCCC have recommended a 12-week ban for Wexford legend Tony Doran

Wexford's G.A.A. disciplinary process has left three former inter-county players reeling having proposed bans following recent incidents.

Buffers Alley stalwarts Tony Doran and Mick Butler are two of the former Model county stars facing disciplinary action from an incident arising from a recent senior hurling game, while Ned Buggy faces a ban from a separate issue.

Wexford's Central Competitions Control Committee met to consider two reports of referee Barry Redmond, one of which ultimately led to 12-week bans being recommended for Doran and Butler.

The investigation arose following incidents at the end of the Buffers Alley/Ferns St. Aidan's senior hurling championship game, that the Alley won by a single point, but both teams having qualified for the quarter-finals, with referee Redmond coming in for some verbal abuse, having also sent-off the Alley's Willie Doran, close to the finish, which led to his missing the quarter-final defeat to Glynn-Barntown, having failed in his appeal against suspension.

Inevitably it was Redmond's report which led the Wexford CCCC recommending twelve-week bans for Tony Doran and Mick Butler, while a €750 fine was also imposed on the club.

Doran, who was recently inducted into the GAA Hall of Fame in Croke Park was an All-Ireland medal winner in 1968, while both himself and Butler figured in the All-Ireland final defeats of 1976 and '77 to Cork.

Another former player of those years, Ned Buggy, has been banned for six months by the County Management Committee following an investigation into an incident relating to a County Officer/Gateman.

The Officers complaint of verbal abuse was referred back to the County Management Committee by the CCCC as it was not within their remit for hearing as it was not a playing offence, with the complaint being dealt with by the County Management Committee who handed down a six month ban.

Referee Barry Redmond was also to the forefront in the Wexford District Under-21 hurling final involving Blackwater and St. Anne's, when during the second half he ordered Blackwater mentor, Senan Lillis, from the ground, following a verbal exchange.

The result being that Lillis has been recommended for a four week ban.

In a further development, Castletown were eliminated from the county Junior football championship for playing of an under-age player, the player not being 18 years of age at the time.

The Marshalstown/Castledockrell club, whose secretary Ian Plunkett was recently handed a 24-week ban for submitting a report of a game that never took place, lodged a written objection, but later attempted to withdraw this objection, but the CCCC would not accept their plea, throwing Castletown out of the championship.

And after all that Marshalstown were relegated with the whole saga backfiring on them, as under rule Castletown were eliminated but the points cannot be given to their opponents for breach of rule.

Now the CCCC will have been handed yet another poisoned chalice following Referee Brendan Martin's decision to red card seven players in the Crossabeg-Ballymurn/Rathgarogue-Cushinstown intermediate hurling quarter-final at Enniscorthy on Sunday afternoon last.

Martin brandished three red cards during the course of a game that went to extra time, two to Rathgarogue-Cushinstown and one to Crossabeg-Ballymurn. But there was real drama on the final whistle when Referee Martin brandished a further four red cards to Rathgarogue-Cushinstown players, suspensions they must serve in 2017.

Incidentally Crossabeg-Ballymurn emerged with a two point victory.

The complex rules under which the G.A.A. run their games became even more evident on Saturday last for the Faythe Harriers/St. Anne's Senior hurling relegation play-off.

Faythe Harriers forward, Jim Berry, who was dismissed in a previous group game, was deemed eligible to play, with the rules specifying that the relegation play-off was a new competition.

Berry took up his usual centre-forward role with Faythe Harriers prevailing by a single point preserving their Senior status which they have held since 1956.

Berry will now serve his one-match ban for the opening round of the 2017 Senior championship.

Incidentally had Harriers been relegated to Intermediate status, Berry's slate would have been wiped clean as this would have been deemed a new competition.

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