Sunday 21 January 2018

GAA results and fixtures

Pettitt's SHC Group A: Cloughbawn 0-16, Rathnure 1-12; St. Martin's 1-10, St. Anne's 0-10; Glynn-Barntown 0-11, Rapparees 1-6.

Pettitt's SHC Group B: Buffers Alley 3-14, Ferns St. Aidan's 1-20; Oulart-The Ballagh 1-13, Faythe Harriers 0-8; Shelmaliers 2-17, Shamrocks 0-7.

The Courtyard Ferns IHC Group A: Crossabeg-Ballymurn 2-16, Ballygarrett 1-10; Oulart-The Ballagh 1-13, Duffry Rovers 2-9; Askamore 0-22, Oylegate-Glenbrien 1-14.

The Courtyard Ferns IHC Group B: HWH-Bunclody 2-12, Craanford 0-18; Naomh Eanna 2-7, Rathgarogue-Cushinstown 0-9; Adamstown 0-14, Blackwater 1-4.

Top Oil IAHC Group A: Ballyfad 0-14, Clongeen 0-13; St. James' 2-15, Monageer-Boolavogue 0-7.

Top Oil IAHC Group B: Rathnure 4-18, Liam Mellows 1-13; Buffers Alley 2-6, Geraldine O'Hanrahans 0-10; Fethard 3-14, St. Patrick's 0-8.

EEW JHC Group A: Faythe Harriers 1-10, Rapparees 0-11; Shelmaliers 0-22, Naomh Eanna 1-6; Taghmon-Camross 1-16, Monageer-Boolavogue 0-5.

EEW JHC Group B: Tara Rocks 0-13, Ferns St. Aidan's 0-8; St. Mary's (Rosslare) 1-16, Bannow-Ballymitty 0-14; Gusserane 2-13, Horeswood 0-13.

EEW JAHC Group A: Glynn-Barntown 2-15, Cloughbawn 1-11; Rathnure 2-12, St. Fintan's 0-6; HWH-Bunclody 1-10, Oulart-The Ballagh 1-9.

EEW JAHC Group B: Davidstown-Courtnacuddy 2-20, Wygram Gaels 2-8; Buffers Alley 1-11, Kilmore 1-10; St. Martin's 1-8, Ballyhogue 1-6.

Gorey Guardian Juvenile hurling Premier A championship: Faythe Harriers 2-10, Naomh Eanna 1-10; St. Martin's 6-13, Glynn-Barntown 0-7.

Gorey Guardian Juvenile hurling Premier B championship: Blackwater 3-11, Oylegate-Glenbrien 1-9; Bann Gaels 1-16, Rapparees 1-13.

Gorey Guardian Juvenile hurling Roinn 1A championship: Ferns St. Aidan's 2-19, Askamore 0-12.

Gorey Guardian Juvenile hurling Roinn 1B championship: Munna-Abbain 5-12, Crossabeg-Ballymurn 4-10; Dunbrody Gaels 2-18, Mogue O'Rahilly's 2-9; Rathgarogue-Cushinstown 2-9, Shelmaliers 2-7.

Gorey Guardian Juvenile hurling Roinn 2A 13-a-side championship: Ballyhogue 1-6, Davidstown-Courtnacuddy 1-5.

Gorey Guardian Juvenile hurling Roinn 2B 13-a-side championship: HWH-Bunclody 10-32, Ballygarrett 1-1; Wygram Gaels 2-3, Cloughbawn 0-8; Kilross Gaels 2-14, Monageer-Boolavogue 2-11.

New Ross Standard Under-14 hurling Division 1 championship: Shelmaliers 4-4, Naomh Eanna 2-9; Faythe Harriers 4-5, Oulart-The Ballagh 3-6; St. Martin's 4-12, Glynn-Barntown 4-2.

New Ross Standard Under-14 hurling Division 2 championship: Liam Mellows 5-8, Crossabeg-Ballymurn 3-10; Craanford 5-7, Horeswood 0-3; Ferns St. Aidan's 2-6, Ballinastragh Gaels 1-4.

New Ross Standard Under-14 hurling Division 3 championship: Wygram Gaels 9-7, St. Anne's 6-7; Taghmon-Camross 5-14, Geraldine O'Hanrahans 4-6; Blackwater 13-19, St. Mary's (Rosslare) 4-0.

New Ross Standard Under-14 hurling Division 4 championship: Buffers Alley 7-4, St. Patrick's 2-2; Our Lady's Island/St. Fintan's 3-8, Adamstown 1-2; Bannow-Ballymitty 4-13, Ballygarrett 2-2.

New Ross Standard Under-14 hurling Division 5 13-a-side championship: Cloughbawn 5-14, Marshalstown-Castledockrell 1-1; Oylegate-Glenbrien 5-10, Kilmore 1-5; Gusserane 10-7, Duffry Rovers 1-1; Fethard 2-3, Davidstown-Courtnacuddy 1-2.

Leinster Schools Juvenile hurling 'A' Dr. Barry Cup semi-final: Kilkenny C.B.S. 8-12, Good Counsel (New Ross) 4-6.

Leinster Schools Juvenile hurling 'A' Power Shield semi-final: St. Peter's (Wexford) 1-10, Castlecomer C.S. 2-7 (AET)

Marty Barrett Cup (Juvenile hurling) semi-final: St. Peter's (Wexford) 3-10, Bridgetown V.C. 1-5.

South Leinster Schools Juvenile hurling 'C1' final: Ramsgrange C.S. 6-10, Presentation Carlow/Gaelcolaiste Ceatharlach 3-3.


AT ST. PATRICK'S PARK: Top Oil IAHC Group A, Our Lady's Island v. Marshalstown-Castledockrell, 7.30 p.m. (David Owens).

Under-12 football 'A' and 'B' teams (7.30 p.m., first-named at home): Monageer-Boolavogue v. Shelmaliers; Glynn-Barntown v. Naomh Éanna; Sarsfields v. Buffers Alley; Starlights v. St. Martin's.

Under-12 football Wexford District (7.30 p.m., first-named at home): Our Lady's Island/St. Fintan's v. St. Anne's; St. Mary's (Maudlintown) v. St. Mary's (Rosslare); Kilmore v. Bannow-Ballymitty.

Under-12 football Wexford South (7.30 p.m., first-named at home): Gusserane v. Wygram Gaels; Horeswood v. Crossabeg-Ballymurn; Rathgarogue-Cushinstown v. Taghmon-Camross.

Under-12 football Enniscorthy District (7.30 p.m., first-named at home): Duffry Rovers v. Blackwater; Ballyhogue v. Shamrocks; Davidstown-Courtnacuddy v. Oylegate-Glenbrien.

Under-12 football Gorey District (7.30 p.m., first-named at home): Craanford v. HWH-Bunclody; Réalt na Mara v. Kilrush; Castletown v. Ballinastragh Gaels.

Under-12 football New Ross District (7.30 p.m., first-named at home): Clongeen v. Geraldine O'Hanrahans; St. James' v. Fethard; Adamstown v. Cloughbawn.

Under-12 football mixed Districts (7.30 p.m., first-named at home): St. Joseph's v. St. Patrick's; Marshalstown-Castledockrell v. Duffry Rovers 'B'; Glynn-Barntown 'C' v. Ferns St. Aidan's.


New Ross Standard Under-14 football Division 1 championship (7.30 p.m., first-named at home): Naomh Eanna v. Ballinastragh Gaels (Paddy Brady); Castletown v. Horeswood (Eddie O'Sullivan); Glynn-Barntown v. St. John's Volunteers (Shane Wilde); St. Martin's v. Shelmaliers (Declan Dennehy).

New Ross Standard Under-14 football Division 2 championship (7.30 p.m., first-named at home): Starlights v. Rathgarogue-Cushinstown (Seamus Whelan); St. James' v. Crossabeg-Ballymurn (Noel Whelan); Shamrocks v. Blackwater (Paul Foley); Our Lady's Island/St. Fintan's v. Gusserane (Fintan O'Reilly); Sarsfields bye.

New Ross Standard Under-14 football Division 3 championship (7.30 p.m., first-named at home): St. Mary's (Rosslare) v. Ferns St. Aidan's (Peter Shannon); Taghmon-Camross v. St. Joseph's (Noel Stafford); Kilrush v. St. Anne's (Shane Quinn); HWH-Bunclody v. Réalt na Mara (John O'Rourke); Craanford v. Monageer-Boolavogue (Pat Owley).

New Ross Standard Under-14 football Division 4 championship (7.30 p.m., first-named at home): Davidstown-Courtnacuddy v. Ballyhogue (Pat Kehoe); Cloughbawn v. St. Patrick's (John Carton); Bannow-Ballymitty v. St. Martin's 'B' (Johnny Doyle); Buffers Alley v. St. Mary's, Maudlintown (Pádraig Byrne); Adamstown v. Kilmore (Michael Gannon).

New Ross Standard Under-14 football Division 5 13-a-side championship (7.30 p.m., first-named at home): Marshalstown-Castledockrell v. Castletown (Willie Wickham); Clonard v. Fethard (Billy Dodd); Duffry Rovers v. Clongeen (Aiden O'Brien); Geraldine O'Hanrahans v. Oylegate-Glenbrien (Eric Molloy).


ACFL Division 1 (7.30 p.m.): Horeswood v. St. Fintan's (Pat Kehoe); Starlights v. Kilanerin (Frankie Morrissey); St. Martin's v. Sarsfields (David Jenkins); Gusserane v. Shelmaliers (Fintan O'Reilly).

ACFL Division 2 (7.30 p.m.): Kilmore v. Glynn-Barntown (John Diskin); Duffry Rovers v. Taghmon-Camross (Aiden O'Brien).

ACFL Division 3 (7.30 p.m.): Marshalstown-Castledockrell v. Davidstown-Courtnacuddy (Damien Donovan); Clonard v. St. Joseph's (Seán Whelan).

ACFL Division 4 (8 p.m.): Rathgarogue-Cushinstown v. Monageer-Boolavogue (John Tobin).

ACFL Division 5: Adamstown v. St. James' (7.30 p.m., Lar Doyle); Ballyhogue v. Clonee (8 p.m., Jack Ffrench).

ACFL Division 6A (7.30 p.m.): Kilrush v. Naomh Eanna (Paul Browne).

Wexford District JBFC (7.30 p.m.): Our Lady's Island v. Kilmore (Kevin Carty); Shelmaliers v. St. Martin's (Billy Dodd); St. Joseph's v. Crossabeg-Ballymurn (Kevin Kehoe); St. Mary's (Maudlintown) v. Clonard (Derek Murphy).


AT BELLEFIELD: Electric Ireland Leinster Minor football championship quarter-final, Wexford v. Dublin, 3 p.m.

ACFL Division 1 (7 p.m.): Castletown v. St. Anne's (Eddie O'Sullivan); St. James' v. Adamstown (Kevin Carty).

ACFL Division 2: St. Mary's, Rosslare v. Ballyhogue (7 p.m., Billy Dodd); Clongeen v. Craanford (5.30 p.m., Eric Molloy); Bannow-Ballymitty v. HWH-Bunclody (7 p.m., Derek Murphy); St. Mary's, Maudlintown v. Ferns St. Aidan's (7 p.m., Brendan O'Brien).

ACFL Division 3 (7 p.m.): Cloughbawn v. Naomh Eanna (Roly Buckley); St. Patrick's v. Kilanerin (Brendan Martin); Geraldine O'Hanrahans v. Kilrush (Fintan Whyte); Crossabeg-Ballymurn v. Réalt na Mara (James Flood).

ACFL Division 4: Tara Rocks v. Shelmaliers (7 p.m., Seán O'Brien); Castletown v. Sarsfields (5.30 p.m., Pat Owley); Volunteers v. Starlights (7 p.m., Jack Stafford).

ACFL Division 5: Crossabeg-Ballymurn v. Our Lady's Island (5.30 p.m., Philip Murphy); Volunteers v. Duffry Rovers (5.30 p.m., Bob Treacy); St. Martin's v. Gusserane (7.30 p.m., Kevin Kehoe); Clongeen v. Horeswood (7 p.m., Henry Sinnott).

ACFL Division 6B (5.30 p.m.): Bannow-Ballymitty v. St. Joseph's (Johnny Doyle); St. Mary's, Maudlintown v. Davidstown-Courtnacuddy (Mick Lanigan).


ACFL Division 4 (2 p.m.): St. Anne's v. HWH-Bunclody (Noel O'Connor).


A full round of games will be played in the Gorey Guardian Juvenile football championships. Please check on the Coiste na nOg section of for the full details.

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