Monday 21 October 2019

Geraldine who? Club name garbled by GAA

The coaching department of Wexford G.A.A. was taken to task on Twitter on Friday, and with very good reason.

After announcing that a foundation award course was taking place in 'Geraldine O Hallaran's' later this month, the Geraldine O'Hanrahan's club feed quite rightly posed the question: 'who's the "Geraldine O Hallaran's"?

Surely it's not asking a lot for an official organ of the County Board to get the name of one of our well-established clubs correct in correspondence.

And while I'm certain nobody in New Ross lost any sleep over the poor spelling, their hard-working officials and players still deserve a bit more respect.

An apology is in order before that foundation course begins, and perhaps the guilty party in the coaching department should do a crash course in Wexford club names, and local history for that matter, now that the days have shortened and the nights are closing in.

Alternatively they could attend the ceremony planned for Easter weekend next year, in Brennan's Lane off South Street in New Ross, to commemorate Michael O'Hanrahan, born in the town, an active Irish volunteer in 1916 who was executed in Dublin and who is fittingly remembered by the local G.A.A. through their club name.

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