Monday 11 December 2017

Gorey men triumph after dramatic battle

Una Sinnott

Three penalties and various yellow cards makes up the Naomh Éanna and Cloughbawn championship encounter in a nutshell last Saturday as both teams battled to get their team into the semi final of the Joyce's Expert Intermediate 'A' Football Championship.

Naomh Eanna 1-12 Cloughbawn 1-10

On the day, it was the town-based squad who successfully achieved this objective with two points to spare after full-time.

Shane Greene and Gearoid Cullen exchanged points to get the match off to an exciting start but the Naomh Éanna men dominated from here on.

Gearoid and his free-taking brother William Cullen, were the two main attackers during the opening half but Padraig Doyle and Dara McDonald also claimed a spot on the scoreboard for their parish.

Cloughbawn goalkeeper, Lee Keeley was challenged numerous times but he was confident throughout and denied Lee Kinsella and Padraig Doyle of two goals midway through the first half.

The reliable full-forward Colm Kehoe stood tall for Cloughbawn over any dead ball and he retaliated brilliantly for his side by converting a foul on teammate, Paidi Cullen.

Although Cloughbawn ex-perienced a drought of scores in comparison to Gorey's quick firing, Barry Carton broke this routine by securing a whopper of a point from play.

With Naomh Éanna double Cloughbawn's score, Dara McDonald and Gearoid Cullen powered on and a dangerous ball in the full forward-line left William Cullen with the perfect opportunity to convert a penalty into a goal for his men before half time.

A slow starting second half meant Cloughbawn could gather themselves and Martin Connick re-duced Gorey's advantage to five points by finding the back of their net after being awarded a penalty.

With that said, tensions were high for the final 20 minutes and Gorey found it hard to maintain their lead.

William Cullen and Thomas Foley swapped delights and Lee Keeley denied Cullen his second goal before Cloughbawn really awoke.

With Paidi Cullen's words of wisdom the rural men floated over four points.

Harry Kehoe, Robert Whitty, Colm Kehoe and Gavin Murphy were the men in charge but the clock ran out too quickly for Cloughbawn and Fionn Doyle's final attacked left Gorey with a two-point lead at the final whistle on the day.

Naomh Éanna: Sean Sheridan, John Stafford, Simon Doran, Tomas Stafford, Pedro Travers (C), Lee Kinsella (0-1), Brendan Travers, John O'Brien, Conor Hughes, Gearoid Cullen (0-4), Padraig Doyle (0-1), Dara McDonald (0-2), William Cullen (1-3, 1pen, 1f, 1 65'), Sean Doyle, Joseph O'Connor. Subs: Darragh Cullen for Gearoid Cullen, Fionn Doyle (0-1) for John O'Brien.

Cloughbawn: Lee Keeley, Cathal Spratt, Colin Doyle, Johnny Cullen, Gavin Murphy (0-1), David Doyle-Murphy, Shane Greene (0-1), Thomas Foley (0-1), Barry Carton (0-1), Harry Kehoe (0-1) Colm Kehoe (0-2, 1f), Paidi Cullen (0-1), Robert Whitty (0-1), Mick Kavanagh (0-1), Martin Connick (1-0, 1pen). Subs: Cian O'Connor for Martin Connick, Alan Carton for Mick Kavanagh.

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