Wednesday 21 August 2019

Great night, apart from the poor PA

Everything was perfect in Innovate Wexford Park on Wednesday evening as Wexford annexed a third Leinster Under-21 hurling championship title in succession: well, almost everything.

With a large chunk of the 7,800 crowd gathered on the field around the middle of the stand and looking forward to the captain's speech from Eoin Conroy, there was dismay when the PA system failed.

Now, far be it from us to rain on anyone's parade, but this was simply not good enough. And Park officials cannot use the excuse that it was unexpected, because the exact same thing happened before Anthony Masterson accepted the Leinster Junior football championship cup a few weeks earlier.

In that instance, the combination of a far smaller crowd coupled with the Castletown netminder's booming voice ensured that most people who wanted to hear his speech weren't disappointed.

However, it was a different story last Wednesday and it's a real pity because, as everyone knows, it was a special experience for young Conroy and the supporters and it spoiled the presentation. Please God the Gorey lad will be raising another cup in September; and if that happens, you can be sure that the officials in Thurles will have their PA system in good working order!

To finish this piece on a brighter note, it was refreshing on Saturday week and last Wednesday respectively to see the swarms of happy children commanding their own little patches of the field at half-time.

It was remarked upon favourably by many visitors, and once the teams returned to the field there was no need for any heavy-handed stewarding as the children went back to their seats without prompting.

It might not be politically correct due to health and safety concerns, but I for one think it looks great. None of those children under the age of eight have seen a Wexford Senior hurling team playing a game in Croke Park, so the least we can do is ensure they get ten minutes of fun on our own field when we host a big occasion. It's the little things that leave the biggest impression.

New GAA fundraiser

Wexford County GAA Board has embarked on another fundraising venture with the launch of a new lotto which has a minimum jackpot of €10,000.

Getting set up is easier than 1, 2, 3, as it can all be done online.

Firstly, logo on to, and then play, support and be in with a chance to win.

It's possible to enter the next draw right now, and you may read more about the lotto at

While we're on the topic of raising funds, perhaps the County Board officers could take a leaf out of the books of their counterparts in other areas.

Supporters entering the turnstiles in Owenbeg on Saturday were greeted by people selling £1 stg. tickets for a half-time draw with one cash prize.

We witnessed Westmeath and Louth doing the very same for €2 on our travels earlier this year. While the funds raised mightn't be huge, every penny surely helps!

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