Tuesday 23 January 2018

Hynes keeps up fine form

Busy week of 60 x 30 action

It was another very busy week on the handball scene as the group stages of the 60 x 30 championships concluded.

Tommy Hynes continues his march in the Senior open singles, with Mikey Berry from Barntown being the latest victim in a 21-6, 21-7 win for the St. Mary's man.

Jason Murphy from Castlebridge won the only game in the Junior singles championship last weekend 21-10, 21-20 against Phil Coleman from Ballymitty.

There was a lot of handball in the Junior 'C' singles championships with the results as follows: Eamonn Codd beat Colm Parnell (Ballyhogue), 21-0, 21-11; Tom Byrne (Kilmyshall) beat Patrick Boland (Templeudigan), 11-21, 21-7, 21-6, and William Murray-Byrne (Bridgetown), 21-17, 21-7; Michael Rossiter (Ballyhogue) beat William Murray-Byrne, 21-18, 21-11; Patrick Boland beat Ian Curran (St. Martin's), 21-16, 21-11; Brian Busher (Bridgetown) beat Liam Rossiter (Ballyhogue), 21-17, 21-20; Jimmy Dunne (Kilmyshall) beat Colm Parnell (Ballyhogue), 21-8, 21-17; Fintan Furlong (St. Mary's) beat James Stanners (St. Martin's), 21-16, 8-21, 21-9.

Junior 'C' doubles

Fintan Furlong and Tommy Hardy (St. Mary's) beat David Cleary and Seamie O'Neill (Ballymitty), 21-13, 21-12; David Cleary and Seamie O'Neill beat Jimmy Dunne and Tom Byrne (Kilmyshall), 21-15, 21-11; John Murphy and Thomas Murphy (Kilmyshall) beat Mick Carty and P.J. Leacy (St. Joseph's), 21-12, 21-12; James Nolan and Timmy Farrell (Kilmyshall) beat Michael and Liam Rossiter (Ballyhogue), 21-19, 14-21, 21-18.

Junior 'D' singles

Alan Armstrong (Kilmyshall) beat Ciarán Busher (Bridgetown), 21-9, 21-14; Paddy Curran (St. Martin's) beat Ciarán Busher, 21-18, 21-14; David Rossiter (Barntown) beat Laurence Dunne (Kilmyshall), 21-3, 21-12.

Over-35 singles

Alan O'Neill (Ballymitty) beat Seán Nolan (Kilmyshall), 2-21, 21-7, 21-14; Fintan Furlong (St. Mary's) beat Alan O'Neill, 21-7, 21-15; James Stanners (St. Martin's) beat David Stanners (St. Martin's), 21-18, 21-13; J.R. Finn (Ballymitty) beat David Stanners, 21-18, 21-7.

Masters 'A' singles

Phil Coleman (Ballymitty) beat Robert Doyle (St. Joseph's), 21-14, 21-10; Ricky Barron (Barntown) beat Robert Doyle, 21-7, 21-18.

Masters 'B' singles

John Roche (Castlebridge) beat Barry McWilliams (Horeswood), 21-17, 21-14; Damien Kelly (Coolgreany) beat Mick Carty (St. Joseph's), 21-4, 21-4.

Masters' B' doubles

Damien Kelly and Ned Connors (Coolgreany) beat Mick Carty and P.J. Leacy (St. Joseph's), 21-4, 21-12.

Golden Masters 'B' singles

Frank Maddock (Ballymitty) beat Stephen Murphy (Castlebridge), 8-21, 21-12, 21-17; Frank Maddock beat Pádraig Devereux (Castlebridge), 21-18, 21-12; Stephen Murphy beat Eugene English (Ballyhogue), 21-14, 21-17.

Diamond Masters 'A' singles

Jim Doyle (Barntown) beat Pat Leacy (St. Joseph's), 21-5, 21-7.

Diamond Masters 'B' singles

John Bail beat Gerry Goggins, 21-0, 9-21, 21-16.

Emerald Masters 'B' singles

Jimmy Dunne (Kilmyshall) beat Nicky Casey (St. Mary's), 21-12, 21-10.

Women's beginners' singles

Carrie Hanrahan (Castlebridge) beat Marguerite Keeling (St. Joseph's), 3-0; Marguerite Keeling beat Catherine O'Connor (Ballymitty), 3-0; Máire Busher (Bridgetown) beat Caroline Kehoe (St. Mary's), 3-0; Claire Cousins (St. Mary's) beat Niamh Howlin (St. Mary's), 2-1; Carrie Hanrahan beat Caroline Kehoe, 3-0.

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