Friday 20 September 2019

Kate Kelly takes on prestigious role within new Women's Gaelic Players Association

Wexford camogie player Kate Kelly.
Wexford camogie player Kate Kelly.

By Esther Hayden

Wexford camogie star Kate Kelly is the new treasurer of the newly formed Women's Gaelic Players Association (WGPA).

Kelly who is a seven time All Star winner plays camogie for both Wexford and St. Ibar's. The launch of the WGPA took place on Tuesday, January 20, at Dublin's Smock Alley Theatre.

The WGPA has been set up to represent, listen to, and support ladies footballers and camogie players who represent their county at the highest level in their sport.

In a statement the WGPA said: 'Our county players are the front door to our sports; they represent the best of what our sports have to offer and should drive progress, marketing, communication, and development while also being facilitated and supported to progress and achieve beyond the sporting domain.

'The WGPA is committed to improving the playing, personal and professional lives of our members. Sport exists as one component of a life where family, friendships, work, study, relationships must all be enjoyed and progressed.'

In 2015, the WGPA will provide a 24/7 Member Support Line where players can access advice and guidance on challenges they are experiencing in their lives. A Third Level Scholarship Scheme will commence to support those players who are managing a dual career as they try to balance their sporting and academic commitments while representing their county.

The WGPA will also provide opportunities to members on the Jim Madden Leadership programme, which was announced by the Gaelic Players Association last month. The course is designed to hone and develop leadership skills in players who can subsequently be positioned as role models in society.

The WGPA thanked the GPA for their support over the last year which has helped facilitate the delivery of initial services to its members.

The statement finished by saying: 'This new players association has been set up by players, will be led by players and will work for players. Players are taking responsibility for the issues they experience at county level, recognising that if we want change then action is required. We are committed to making things better for ladies footballers and camogie players.'

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