Tuesday 17 September 2019

Ladies staging open night

The Wexford ladies' football team will hold an open training session in Páirc Charman on Thursday, June 11, from 7pm.

Any young supporters who are interested in having their jerseys signed or photographs taken with members of the Wexford team are asked to come along from 7 to 7.30pm to meet the team before they begin a full training session.

Wexford are now just over two weeks away from their opening encounter in the Leinster Intermediate championship, when they travel to London to take on the home side in what promises to be a very tough encounter.

Hopefully though it will be a great occasion for hundreds of Wexford people living in London, with the Wexford and Kilkenny hurling game also expected to be live on the television screen on June 21.

Under-12 Division 1: Kilmore 12-8, St. Anne's 0-2; Crossabeg-Ballymurn 6-8, Horeswood 2-4.

Under-12 Division 2: St. James' 6-2, Gusserane 5-4; Clonard 6-7, Ballyhogue 2-1; Naomh Eanna 2-5, Kilanerin 2-4; Castletown 3-8, Clonee 3-2.

Under-12 Division 3: Fethard St. Mogue's 3-3, Adamstown 2-4; Bannow-Ballymitty w.o., Taghmon-Camross scr.; Ballygarrett 6-6, Volunteers 5-8; Starlights 3-7, Sarsfields 1-1.

Under-12 Division 4: Davidstown-Courtnacuddy 2-6, Crossabeg-Ballymurn 2-2; Baile Dubh Tíre 3-16, Rathgarogue-Cushinstown 1-1.

Under-14 Division 1: St. James' 4-3, Kilmore 3-4; Horeswood 4-10, St. Martin's 4-2; HWH-Bunclody 5-8, Clonard 5-6; Shelmalier 6-6, Taghmon-Camross 2-4.

Under-14 Division 3: Bannow-Ballymitty w.o., Ballyhogue scr.; Fethard St. Mogeue's w.o., Volunteers scr.; Naomh Eanna 4-6, Ballygarrett 4-4; Baile Dubh Tíre 4-7, Starlights 1-3; Clonee 5-8, Kilanerin 1-2.

Under-14 Division 4: St. Fintan's 8-6, Davidstown-Courtnacuddy 7-6; Shamrocks w.o., Clongeen scr.

Adult league Division 1: Shelmalier 3-9, Clonee 0-13; Adamstown 1-14, Crossabeg-Balymurn 2-5; Kilmore w.o., Gusserane scr.

Adult league Division 2: Shelmalier 1-10, St. Anne's 0-5; Kilanerin w.o., Horeswood scr.

Adult league Division 3: HWH-Bunclody 2-19, Rathgarogue-Cushinstown 1-6; St. James' 7-13, Ballygarrett 5-4; St. Martin's w.o., St. Fintan's scr.

Adult league Division 4: Taghmon-Camross 4-19, Ballyhogue 3-6; Castletown w.o., Kilmore scr.; Bannow-Ballymitty w.o., Fethard St. Mogue's scr.

Adult league Division 5: St. Anne's 3-5, Crossabeg-Ballymurn 1-4; Davidstown-Courtnacuddy 9-6, Blackwater 1-2; Glynn-Barntown w.o., Fethard St. Mogue's scr.

Weds. June 10 - Adult league Division 4 (7.30 p.m.): Baile Dubh Tíre v. Kilmore; Castletown v. Naomh Eanna; Fethard v. Ballyhogue.

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