Tuesday 24 October 2017

Leading club coach voices his disgust

A LEADING club coach has come out strongly against the decision not to the permit the Caulfield Under-10 hurling league to continue in its present format.

The coach, who does not want to be named as he doesn't want to add further fuel to an already tense situation, spoke of his disappointment that the games could not go ahead as the children were losing out.

He expressed his sadness and anger that the two remaining games for clubs on the Wednesday evening and the following Saturday's games were not sanctioned by the Leinster Council who viewed the leagues as being too competitive in accordance with the stipulations laid down by Croke Park.

'The young players are losing out. The boys absolutely love these games and look forward to the games which are always played in the spirit of the Go Games philosophy.

'I've already had parents on to me asking why the leagues have been abandoned. They spoke of the disappointment for their own sons. They were furious with the decision and having to explain to their son(s) why they are not allowed to play out the Caulfield League.'

The coach was at pains to point out that they were not into winning at all costs, and they always tried to embrace the Go Games philosophy.

'I cannot help but feel they are throwing the baby out of the bathwater here,' he added. 'The Caulfield League as far as my experience goes, embraces the spirit of Go Games.

'Boys by their very nature are competitive. The boys want to compete as they lose interest if there is no competition.

'My view is the Go Games are very important to try to rid the G.A.A. of the overly-competitive parents and coaches who demand their kids to win for the honour of their club. Some claim it's not true but it does go on. We should work to rid the G.A.A. of this but let's facilitate the competitiveness to come out naturally in the boys.

'Do we take away the finish line in school sports day class races so there can be no gold, silver or bronze? Think about it, it's the same concept.'

He went on to express his frustrations that this decision has been made.

'I would love to know what committee of experts made this decision. The young boys lose out as one would only have had to attend earlier games to see how happy they were playing the game of hurling. Maybe had they attended such games the committee would think differently.

'But some experts at Leinster Council level have seen fit to take a sledgehammer to this long-running and hugely-popular league much to the disappointment of boys, parents, clubs and coaches,' he said.

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