Sunday 17 December 2017

Leagues draw near

The starting dates have been announced for the new-look All-County Leagues, with football games on the week ending March 5 followed by hurling clashes seven days later.

The format has been altered for 2016, with teams divided into two groups of six on a geographical basis where possible to cut down on travel and increase the number of derby games.

After the fifth and last round, the final will be between the top team in each of the two groups per division, expect in the bottom division where teams are included in one group.

The two finalists in each division will be promoted, with the bottom team in each group relegated. If a walkover is given in an early round, all scores involving the team which gave the walkover will not be considered. As per previous years, a team giving two walkovers will be removed from the competition.

And if two or more teams finish top or bottom of any group, the result of the game between them or scoring difference will determine who qualifies for the final or who is relegated.

A total of 79 teams have entered the hurling leagues, with 67 in the football, and the groups are as follows -

ACHL Division 1A: Ferns St. Aidan's, Oulart-The Ballagh, Naomh Eanna, Buffers Alley, Cloughbawn, Rapparees.

ACHL Division 1B: St. Anne's, St. Martin's, Faythe Harriers, Rathnure, Shelmaliers, Glynn-Barntown.

ACHL Division 2A: Askamore, Oulart-The Ballagh, Ballygarrett, Craanford, HWH-Bunclody, Monageer-Boolavogue.

ACHL Division 2B: Crossabeg-Ballymurn, Blackwater, Adamstown, Rathgarogue-Cushinstown, Oylegate-Glenbrien, Shamrocks.

ACHL Division 3A: Ballyfad, Liam Mellows, Buffers Alley, St. Patrick's, Marshalstown-Castledockrell, Duffry Rovers.

ACHL Division 3B: Our Lady's Island, Fethard, St. James', Taghmon-Camross, Geraldine O'Hanrahans, Rathnure.

ACHL Division 4A: Naomh Eanna, Tara Rocks, Ferns St. Aidan's, Shelmaliers, St. Mary's (Rosslare), Rapparees.

ACHL Division 4B: Gusserane, Bannow-Ballymitty, Horeswood, Clongeen, Faythe Harriers, Davidstown-Courtnacuddy.

ACHL Division 5A: Adamstown, St. Martin's, Kilmore, Glynn-Barntown, Ballyhogue, Rathnure.

ACHL Division 5B: Buffers Alley, Duffry Rovers, Oulart-The Ballagh, Monageer-Boolavogue, HWH-Bunclody, Cloughbawn.

ACHL Division 6A: Askamore, Craanford Fr. O'Regan's, Blackwater, Monageer-Boolavogue, Clonee, Shamrocks.

ACHL Division 6B: St. James', Rathgarogue-Cushinstown, St. Anne's, Crossabeg-Ballymurn, Clongeen, Oylegate-Glenbrien.

ACHL Division 7: Ballygarrett, Davidstown-Courtnacuddy, Faythe Harriers, Marshalstown-Castledockrell, Rapparees, St. Patrick's, Clonard.

ACFL Division 1A: Castletown, Starlights, Shelmaliers, Glynn-Barntown, Sarsfields, St. Martin's.

ACFL Division 1B: Fethard, St. James', Horeswood, Gusserane, Adamstown, St. Anne's.

ACFL Division 2A: Ferns St. Aidan's, Kilanerin, HWH-Bunclody, Ballyhogue, St. Joseph's, St. Mary's (Maudlintown).

ACFL Division 2B: St. Fintan's, Kilmore, Clongeen, Bannow-Ballymitty, St. Mary's (Rosslare), Taghmon-Camross.

ACFL Division 3A: Réalt na Mara, Naomh Eanna, Kilanerin, Kilrush, St. Patrick's, Craanford.

ACFL Division 3B: Geraldine O'Hanrahans, Cloughbawn, Crossabeg-Ballymurn, Volunteers, Duffry Rovers.

ACFL Division 4A: St. Anne's, St. Martin's, Glynn-Barntown, Shelmaliers, Blackwater, Rathgarogue-Cushinstown.

ACFL Division 4B: Monageer-Boolavogue, Tara Rocks, Shamrocks, Starlights, Marshalstown-Castledockrell, Castletown.

ACFL Division 5A: Volunteers, Sarsfields, Clonard, St. Fintan's, Crossabeg-Ballymurn, Kilmore.

ACFL Division 5B: Ballyhogue, Adamstown, St. Mary's (Maudlintown), Clongeen, Bannow-Ballymitty, St. James'.

ACFL Division 6: HWH-Bunclody, Duffry Rovers, Starlights, Kilrush, Réalt na Mara, Clonee, Craanford, Naomh Eanna.

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