Friday 20 September 2019

Leagues to be revamped

Efforts are always being made to revamp the All County League and make their more attractive according to County Secretary, Margaret Doyle.

She was replying to a question from Glynn-Barntown delegate, Jim McGovern.

Mr. McGovern having complimented the Secretary on her annual report which made reference to the All County Leagues.

In her report the Secretary said there has been much debate about changing or revamping the leagues but unfortunately nobody has come up with a solution.

'There is no doubt that the 2016 format which resulted in reduced travel helped to minimise the number of walk-overs,' she added.

The Glynn-Barntown delegate said that the leagues were designed to give more game time to their players. He asked what the Secretary's views were on the leagues going forward.

Ms Doyle said she did not have any great proposals on it but that they are always seeking a way to revamp the leagues as they go forward.

Wexford People