Monday 23 October 2017

New army of coaches

Seamus Byrne (left) and Mick Byrne (tutor), coaching recipients from Ballygarrett
Seamus Byrne (left) and Mick Byrne (tutor), coaching recipients from Ballygarrett

Leinster G.A.A. has awarded qualifications to more than 120 new coaching graduates to help drive a multi-million euro investment in the province.

There will be more than €4.5m spent on coaching and games development in Leinster G.A.A. in 2016.

As part of this plan, last weekend Leinster G.A.A. honoured its latest coaching recruits at a special ceremony at Croke Park.

There were 42 recipients of an Award 2 coach qualification which is the Association's highest award. It is in keeping with a nationwide G.A.A. plan to be 'Coach Ready 2018'. In two years' time it will be a mandatory requirement for all inter-county coaches to hold an Award 2 coaching qualification.

In the last three years there have been 72 people who have undergone a special G.A.A. specific resistance training course, and all were recognised on the night

Finally, there were nine coaches who successfully gained qualification on a tutor course that will increase the ability to deliver more courses around Leinster.

Leinster G.A.A. Vice-Chairman Jim Bolger from Carlow presented the qualifications and heaped praised on the new members of Leinster G.A.A's coaching elite.

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