Tuesday 20 August 2019

No change to NHL

The status quo will remain in place for the 2016 National Hurling League.

Proposals for the league format came before a meeting of the Central Council in Croke Park on Saturday.

Creating a format for the league was testing the patience of many counties, with the premier boys preferring two Divisions of seven teams, making for a hugely competitive Division 1A, but leaving Division 1B spread out among the weaker counties.

Despite strong arguments for two seven-team Divisions, Central Council decided on two Divisions of six teams. Targeting a top-tier division was the main interest of the leading counties who were quite dismayed when delegates patiently voted for the status quo to remain.

With Waterford promoted, and going on to lift the league title, Wexford will now be joined in Division 1B by relegated Clare as well as Limerick, Laois, Offaly and Kerry.

While the National Football League format will remain, discussion is set to take place regarding proposals for the All-Ireland football championship.

While delegates are firmly of the belief that the provincial championships should remain, there is still much anxiety over the plight of the weaker counties, particularly following some heavy defeats this year.

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