Monday 18 December 2017

Only two black cards recorded

Just two black cards from a total of 510 football matches played were issued during the course of the 2015 Coiste na nOg championships.

Secretary of the Competitions Control Committee, Marion Doyle, wrote in her report of having seen the black card in operation for a while now. Players know, if they deliberately trip someone or body check someone, that a black card will be issued.

'Mistakes have happened and no doubt will continue to happen as officials get more familiar with the rules, but I am glad to report that we only recorded two black cards out of 510 football games in 2015,' she stressed.

On the subject of referees, she reported that currently approximately 40-45 active under-age referees are available in the county this year, and at times their services were stretched to the limit due to adult games, ladies' football and camogie, all sharing from the same pool of referees. However, she said that overall the feedback from clubs with regards to the performances of referees would suggest a degree of satisfaction.

The C.C.C. Secretary did, however, stress that a number of referees failed to have umpires present at the quarter-final and semi-final stages of the championship which she believes is an issue that needs to be addressed.

'Our band of loyal referees deserves our appreciation for their presence at all times, often at short notice,' she added.

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