Wednesday 17 January 2018

Supporters strike it lucky

It may not have been midweek lotto success, but several hundred supporters struck it lucky at Wednesday evening's Wexford versus Dublin Leinster Under-21 hurling quarter-final, writes Brendan Furlong.

As thousands of supporters descended on Innovate Wexford Park hoping to witness Wexford set off in quest of a record four-in-a-row, several hundred supporters found themselves still on the outside with minutes leading up to the throw-in.

With insufficient stiles open to cope with the crowd, frustration was beginning to set in among the supporters, now believing they were going to miss much of the opening half, given the slowness of entry.

Health and safety regulations were now beginning to come to the forefront as the announcement was made for officials and substitutes to leave the pitch as it was two minutes to throw-in.

As the queue of supporters still lined some hundred metres back from the turnstiles, coupled with the slow rate of admission, Gardaí on duty at the game intervened, ordering gates to be opened which led to several hundred supporters gaining free admission to the game.

It was yet another cock-up by those supposedly responsible for the stewarding of the game. Their failure to have sufficient stiles open and manned is inexplicable.

It's yet another puzzle for Wexford G.A.A. to solve.

Wexford People

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