Wednesday 17 January 2018

'We are making progress'

Wexford football boss David Power
Wexford football boss David Power

Wexford football has to be about more than what was on display in this single point championship defeat to Kildare.

This was terrible stuff from both sides. If this is what is on offer few people would pay to see what was served up as a spectacle for Gaelic Football.

This was of such poor quality that neither side would even stretch Dublin's extended squad.

Yet, Wexford Manager David Power, was quite bullish about his sides display.

Wexford are a Division 4 outfit coming up against a side promoted back from Division 3, but that's were the difference ended, for this was one of the poorest team to emerge from Kildare for many years.

Wexford's style of football was alien to what the players had become accustomed to with the emphasis on defence, most times with fourteen players back behind the ball.

Power said: 'I am proud of the effort the team put in.

'We are a young side, we are making progress.

'I think we've proven one fact and I want to make this clear - thank God it (the second tier) didn't go to a vote at Congress.'

'There are teams down in Division 4 that can compete against definitely Division 3 and mid-Division 2 teams as well.'

He added: 'There's a good, young group of players coming in Wexford again. It will take a bit of time. You had maybe six or seven U21s playing there today. It does take time. We have a lot of things to improve on but there's a lot of good things there as well.'

On the question of losing players to America before the Qualifiers, David does not expect this to affect Wexford.

'America hasn't been on the agenda. If there were players going to America they'd be gone by now, and they wouldn't be on our panel.

'That's the way it is.

'They'll stick together, they'll be around for the rest of the championship.'

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