Sunday 17 December 2017

Wexford player ratings

Oliver O'Leary: Produced some excellent reflex saves as the Limerick attack simply poured in on him. Went for distance with his puck-out but was left with little alternative as his players failed to present options for a short puck out to mix up the deliveries. 7.

Simon Donohoe: Given the unenviable task of chasing the roving Cian Lynch with the result his game suffered. Did manage to get on the ball but had not the pace to curtail the driving runs of his opponent.. 6.5.

Liam Ryan: His height and athleticism are his strengths to go along with his undoubted hurling ability. Showed his ability with some desperate late defending but given the open spaces in front of him was unable to be his commanding self. One of the few players to concede ground to his opponent. 7.

Eoin Conroy: Face by the excellent Ronan Lynch was unable to showcase his defensive abilities. Was unable to match the height and classy stickwork of his opponent. Had a difficult sixty minutes. 6.5.

Jim White: Held his opposite number David Dempsey scoreless. He covered lots of ground, cleared the ball effectively, tackled hard, but was eventually over-powered by weight of numbers. 7.

Padraig Foley: Had a huge battle with Tom Morrissey as he tried to counteract his influence. One of the few players on the Wexford team to stand up to the Limerick challenge, with some high fielding, lengthy delivers, and staunch defensive play. Came out of this defeat with reputation intact. 8.

Jack O'Connor: Had the height and spring in his step but his continuing ploy of batting down the high ball set up numerous Limerick scores.

Should have had to courage to field the ball but as a result Barry Nash showcased his performance with 0-5 from play. Unable to compete with Nash's stickwork and pint taking ability. 6.

Conor Devitt: Coughed up too much possession in the tackle. Unable to deliver a performance where it was most needed. Still unlucky to be replaced. Could have benefitted from a switch to wing back. 6.5.

Tony French: Man of the match in the semi-final had not the power and spring to cope with the opposing midfield set-up. Struggled for most part. 6.

Andrew Kenny: Started brightly through the opening ten minutes but became more anonymous as the game progressed.

Put in a huge effort but could not match the physicality of his opposite number. 6.5.

Kevin Foley: Foley had set himself high standards through this campaign.

Was unable to find the distance with a couple of first half attempts while the disallowed goal seemed to impact on his play. Is clearly most dangerous from corner-forward. 6.5.

James Cash: His presence was easily nullified. Caused little problems to the opposing defence.

Unable to raise his game to this standard and struggled until replaced. 6.

Cathal Dunbar: Starved of ball through the first half but picked off excellent second half point. Never going to see enough ball to influence this game. 6.5.

Conor McDonald: Proved he can take a goal chance but his overall performance was disappointing.

One of his sides star performers in the lead up to this game one would question his lack of work-rate.

Allowed himself to be easily closed down while his lack of work-rate was a noticable feature. 6.5

Peter Sutton: Had another quiet game. Never got going. 6.


Shane Murphy: Handed the impossible task of breaking Limerick's stranglehold on midfield. Gave his all without success. 6.5.

Sean Kenny: Was involved in the move leading to the games solitary goal. Could have been an influence had he been introduced earlier. 7.

Sam Kelly: Introduced for the final quarter but came up against a dominant Limerick half-back line. 6.5.

Jake Firman: In the game for the final fourteen minutes but never made an impact. 6.

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