Sunday 17 December 2017

Wexford town motion carried by large majority

A motion regarding Wexford town inter-club transfers was carried by a large majority.

The motion read:

The Wexford town inter-club transfer bye-law be changed to read as follows:

A child who did not play for any club for one calendar year will be a free agent and may make an application for transfer, for Wexford town only, (currently states two years).

Remainder of bye-law unchanged.

The bye-law would now read:

The Parish boundary as obtained on 1st January, 1972, shall continue to be the accepted boundaries for G.A.A. purposes in Wexford.

Subject to the exceptions below, or unless otherwise exempted by the CCC, a player, including underage and adult, must continue as a member of the Wexford town club of which he was a member on the 1st November, 2013.

This bye-law to remain in force until November 1, 2016. All relevant bye-laws to be amended/deleted as appropriate.

1. Exceptions.

2. A member of a club in Wexford town who satisfies the CCC that his permanent residence has changed to the catchment of a club outside Wexford town may be granted a transfer.

3. A member of club in Wexford town who wishes to return to his first club may be granted a transfer.

4. A child who did not play for any club for one calendar year will be a free agent and may make an application for a transfer - for Wexford town only.

5. A member of a club in Wexford town whose permanent residence is currently outside Wexfrord town may transfer to the club whose catchment area he/she permanently lives.

Other motions passed:

The regarding of players at the beginning of the year be replaced by the following: The status of a player is decided once they appear in the first or subsequent rounds of either league or championship stage or knock-out stage of championship.

That County Board delegate serve a minimum of five years.

The following motions will go forward as recommendations:

The Leinster Minor inter-county championship matches be played on Wednesday nights.

Leinster inter-county football and hurling championship fixtures be played on the same weekend with the exception of finals.

That inter-county Minor/U-17 winning captain be allowed to make a speech after the All-Ireland final.

No Seconder.

A motion from the Ballygarrett/Realt na Mara club requesting that there be a 48-hour rest period for all players (as option stated in minor debate) did not reach the floor as there was no seconder to the motion.

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