Sunday 18 August 2019

Hats off to the Irish cricket team

I'm not a very good bandwagoner. I have a vague knowledge of the rules of cricket.

I know enough to watch a match without having to Google anything but I don't know my LBWs from my GTIs.

I've watched every one of Ireland's matches that I could and was looking forward to Saturday night/Sunday morning's do-or-die clash all week.

The plan was to record it and try to avoid the result completely until Sunday evening. But then I forgot about it.

I went to bed with overs and wickets and boundaries very far from my thoughts and only remembered the following morning when I saw that the Ireland team had sadly fallen to defeat.

It would have been brilliant to reach the last eight of the World Cup.

For a country of this size, to reach the last eight in the world of anything (perhaps G.A.A. aside) is an incredible achievement and I take my hat off to Ireland's cricketers for bringing some joy and excitement to the country for a few weeks.

Hopefully the powers-that-be see sense and it is not their last World Cup campaign.

Wexford People

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