Thursday 14 December 2017

All set for Community Games AGM

IT'S THAT time of year again with Areas preparing for their local Annual General Meetings and looking towards the county AGM as well. Any Area wishing to have a county officer present at their AGM should contact the county secretary with details of date and venue etc.

The County AGM has been set for Monday, October 11 and will take place at the Ferrycarrig hotel at 8 p.m. It is imperative that each Area send in at least one delegate to the meeting. This is the place to keep up to date with changes that may be coming in with events and activities for the coming year and it is also a time for areas to communicate any queries or problems they are encountering.

At the moment nomination papers have been forwarded to each Area. Please make the effort to fill in these papers and return same to the county secretary by October 6. The county needs people to run the organisation and if there is someone in your area who would be prepared to take on a job (no matter how small) they would be most welcome. Any motions or recommendations that you may have should also be included with your nominations. If you feel that some games would benefit by changing a rule or that the county should move an event to a different date etc, then put those thoughts down on paper and forward for discussion at the AGM. This is the place to solve problems and help ease the workload for busy volunteers. The county committee are always there to listen and would welcome new ideas. CHANGES IN CALENDAR

The calendar of events each year is becoming so packed and with new events coming in by the year, the county officers made the decision to begin the 2011 calender in the coming months and thus ease up the work load for the new year. Hopefully this will ease the pressure on areas who face the task of putting teams together for various competitions over a very short period of time. The events which will be run off before Christmas are the Cross Country, Table Tennis, Badminton, Chess and Draughts.

Entries for these competitions are now being taken and the closing date for receipt of entries to the county secretary is October 15. A preliminary calendar of events schedule has been posted to all Areas and includes events up to March 2011. Entry forms for the Indoor Activities have also been posted out. Please note that there is a new activity on the calendar, a Handwriting event for boys and girls under 10. No rules on hand to date re same but Areas will be notified.

Please keep an eye on the eebsite and details regarding same should be posted soon. Please note that only children who compete on the day at the vross-country competitions will be eligible to compete in the national finals. Absolutely no entries will be accepted after the day of competition and no names added to panel sheets. VOLUNTEERS OF THE YEAR

Every year local volunteers are being recognised nationally for their tremendous contribution to the organisation and rightly so. If there is someone in your Area that you would like to put forward for the adult and youth section, please send in their names and also details on the work load they have undertaken during their time in the Games. AREA REGISTRATION FORMS

Area Registration forms have also been forwarded to each Area. As soon as your AGM is completed, this form should be filled in and returned immediately to the county Secretary.

This is an important document and unless filled in and forwarded, your Area may not be allowed to compete in the coming season, and more importanly your Area will not be insured. Areas should try to ensure that their AGM is held prior to the county AGM and when returning form, the fee of €165 should also be enclosed. COUNTY PROPERTY

There are a number of county singlets and tracksuits out there in Areas and these were not returned after the national finals. Area Secretaries should check to see if all property was returned to the county and if not, to bring these with them to the county meeting. WEBSITE

National Communty Games have a very good eebsite which gives up to date information on all activities - panel sheets, rules of games, venues for finals etc. You can check out any queries you may have by logging on to

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