Wednesday 21 August 2019

Angelo's ready to take on the world

Angelo Iannetta preparing for his trip to Italy
Angelo Iannetta preparing for his trip to Italy

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Channel hopping late at night can throw up the weirdest things. Somewhere in the deepest, darkest depths of your satellite subscription you might even have come across the lung-burning, muscle-exploding sport of strongman.

There they are, these huge behemoths lifting massive rocks onto wooden barrels in the name of sport. Little do you know that a multiple Irish champion works honing his humongous shoulder muscles - the strongest in the land - right on your doorstep.

Angelo Iannetta was drifting through life in his early twenties, and by his own admission he was 'young and stupid'.

'I had made a few bad decisions and decide that I wanted to do something with my life.' That something was Strongman, and from the minute he tried it the Enniscorthy native knew it was the sport for him.

Fast forward eight years and Iannetta is a four-time Irish champion log lifter, an event that emphasises shoulder strength. Such is the power in his upper body that he achieved a 145 kg. log press with his 90 kg. frame in February's renewal.

That power doesn't happen by accident. Iannetta trains nine times a week in total with different sessions to hone his strength, particularly in his shoulders. He maintains that diet is also key to success with only the correct foods being consumed to aid performance.

The sport itself is often overshadowed by artificial performance enhancers and Iannetta accepts that it's not uncommon. He explains that 'it is there and people do use it. To what extent, it's up to everyone, it's their own personal choice but across the board the majority of people do it'.

It will come as no surprise to anyone who tries to pronounce his name that his parents, Tammy and Dario, whom he says have always been an inspiration to him, are Italian and with their heritage comes Italian citizenship for the 31-year-old.

That has opened a new door for Iannetta as he heads to Italy for the national strongman competition in June in a bid to advance his career and take home another national title. It's a challenge that he's embracing and focused on.

'I'm not cocky or anything but I'm fairly confident that I'll secure a win in Italy's strongest man. I'm going hell for leather on that,' he admitted.

No stone is being left unturned for the strongman as he bids to make the European and World stage. With training partners Shane Murphy and Mick Sinnott, Iannetta is working away at Image Health Studio in Wexford aiming for a successful future in the sport.

'I'm at the stage now that I've set my goals and I'm going to achieve them no matter what,' said Iannetta. 'The ultimate goal for me is to get to the world circuit, the world 105 kg. class. The reason for Italy is that it's easier for me to qualify for the Europeans and the Worlds by doing Italy.'

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