Monday 16 September 2019

Community Games athletics finals

Grace Donohoe (Bree), Gracie Kehoe (Bree ) and Rebecca Prendergast (Ballygarrett) won silver, gold and bronze respectively in the Under-10 hurdles.
Grace Donohoe (Bree), Gracie Kehoe (Bree ) and Rebecca Prendergast (Ballygarrett) won silver, gold and bronze respectively in the Under-10 hurdles.
Community Games Athletics in Bree on Saturday. U14 Girls Hurdles Winners Sonia Melbourne Crossabeg Castlebridge and Sophie Codd Bree

THE LAST event on the 2015 calendar for Wexford Community Games took place at Bree G.A.A. grounds on Saturday, June 13.

This is always one of the highlights of the year's activities and one of the busiest days too. The county athletic finals are eagerly awaited and provide much enjoyment for the children, their parents and the spectators alike, and we were not disappointed this year either.

There were some close finishes on the track and of course the relay finals always provide rivalry and keen competition in equal amounts. There were some good results too in the field events, although the numbers have been falling in recent years.

Wexford Community Games wishes to thank the local Bree-Davidstown committee for all their hard work, beforehand, during and even after the event. The events could not go ahead without the commitment of dedicated and loyal supporters and we thank them for their continued loyalty to the organisation.

Grateful thanks also to those who acted as stewards and event co-ordinators and judges for the various events, and each and everyone who helped out in any way. Although the day started out very cold and blustery, the rain did stay away.

The sun shone through around midday and the afternoon's programme was carried out in glorious sunshine, making for happy children and organisers.

The annual parade of participating Areas was the commencement of the day's activities. Wexford Community Games were delighted to see so many of the Areas marching behind the Wexford banner and we thank all the volunteers in these Areas for making a huge effort to get the children there on time and suitably attired in their Area colours.

The children had a lot of fun marching around, chanting and waving their flags and teasing others on either side of them. That's what it is all about.

Providing the music for the occasion were Kiera Reville and Brídín Reville from the Bannow-Ballymitty Area. The BBBCR Area took the honours for the best turned-out Area, with Enniscorthy in runners-up spot. The best banner award went to Bree-Davidstown.

Wexford Community Games also welcomed Pettitt's of Wexford and their representative, Rosaleen, along to the event, as well as Malcolm Byrne, Chairperson of Wexford County Council, and Barbara-Anne Murphy, Chairperson of Enniscorthy Municipal Council. Fr. Michael Byrne, P.P. of Bree, was also in attendance and later in the day George O'Toole, former National President and his wife, Mary, paid a visit to Bree to renew acquaintances with many friends, old and new.

All who spoke had the same message for the children: 'this is your day, enjoy the occasion' .

Before the games began, the Community Games pledge was read in English by Oonagh Leacy from Tintern and in Irish by Katie Whelan from the Bree-Davidstown Area. Alan Connor from the BBBCR Area took the Games torch around the track before setting the bowl of light alight, and then Margaret McDermott, President of Wexford Community Games, declared the games open.

The Areas competing for medals came from Adamstown, Bree-Davidstown, BBBCR, Clonard, Castlebridge-Crossabeg, Enniscorthy, Glynn-Barntown, Gorey town, Newbawn-Raheen, Piercestown-Murrintown, Rathgarogue-Cushinstown, Ring of Hook, Tintern and Taghmon.


Under-8 60m: 1, Marbelys Fernander, Enniscorthy; 2, Gráinne Roche-Kelly, Taghmon; 3, Katie Nolan, Bree-Davidstown.

Under-8 80m: 1, Maura Doyle, Bree-Davidstown; 2, Ellie Murphy, Taghmon; 3, Stephanie O'Connor, Enniscorthy.

Under-10 100m: 1, Eva Casey, BBBCR; 2, Ellie Murphy, Taghmon; 3, Amy O'Brien, Enniscorthy.

Under-10 200m: 1, Abbie Doyle, Bree-Davidstown; 2, Ellie O'Mahoney, Piercestown-Murrintown; 3, Johanna Chapman, Bree-Davidstown.

Under-10 hurdles: 1, Gracie Kehoe, Bree-Davidstown; 2, Grace Donohoe, Bree-Davidstown; 3, Rebecca Prendergast, BBBCR.

Under-12 100m: 1, Anna Jevens, Bree-Davidstown; 2, Leah Nolan, Bree-Davidstown; 3, Saidhbhe Byrne, Gorey town.

Under-12 600m: 1, Chloe O'Toole, Taghmon; 2, Laura Ivers, Gorey town; 3, Louise Doyle, Rathgarogue-Cushinstown.

Under-12 grass cycling: 1, Alice Rush, BBBCR.

Under-14 100m: 1, Sabia Doyle, Clonard; 2, Hannah Roche-Kelly, Taghmon; 3, Gillian Smith, Bree-Davidstown.

Under-14 800m: 1, Róisín O`Reilly, Clonard; 2, Kate Byrne, BBBCR; 3, Ciara O'Connor, Enniscorthy.

Under-14 hurdles: 1, Sophie Codd, Bree-Davidstown; 2, Sonia Millbourne, Castlebridge-Crossabeg.

Under-16 100m: 1, Karyn Murphy, Enniscorthy; 2, Cheyanne O'Farrell-Molloy, Tintern.

Under-16 200m: 1, Aoife Muldoon, Bree-Davidstown; 2, Bronagh O'Hanlon, Taghmon.

Under-16 1,500m: 1, Rebecca Bawden, Ring of Hook; 2, Tunmise Akinyemi, Enniscorthy.


Under-8 60m: 1, Ronan Shannon, Ring of Hook; 2, Tiernan Ruane, Taghmon; 3, Adam Murphy, Castlebridge-Crossabeg.

Under-8 80m: 1, Kevin O'Mahoney, Piercestown-Murrintown; 2, Joseph Obasahan, Enniscorthy; 3, Ralph O'Gorman, Piercestown-Murrintown.

Under-10 100m: 1, Dannan Long, Enniscorthy; 2, James Fanning, Enniscorthy; 3, Oisín Rochford, Bree-Davidstown.

Under-10 200m: 1, Caolán Costello, Ring of Hook; 2, Eoin Shannon, Ring of Hook; 3, Joe Browne, Enniscorthy.

Under-10 hurdles: 1, Ryan Whelan, Bree-Davidstown; 2, Robbie Chapman, Bree-Davidstown; 3, William Murphy, Castlebridge-Crossabeg.

Under-12 100m: 1, Dapo Abidoye, Enniscorthy; 2, Seán Rowley, Castlebridge-Crossabeg; 3, Malachy Cathcart, Gorey town.

Under-12 600m: 1, Aidan Shannon, Ring of Hook; 2, Ben Wall, Newbawn-Raheen; 3, Myles Hewlett, Ring of Hook.

Under-12 grass cycling: 1, Billy Byrne, Rathgarogue-Cushinstown.

Under-14 100m: 1, Aaron Browne, Tintern; 2, Festy Ebosele, Enniscorthy; 3, Seán Maher, Enniscorthy.

Under-14 800m: 1, Luke Byrne, Adamstown; 2, Darragh Collins, Piercestown-Murrintown; 3, James Hanlon, Ring of Hook.

Under-14 hurdles: 1, Darragh Casey, Castlebridge-Crossabeg; 2, Rory O'Connor, Rathgarogue-Cushinstown; 3, Andrew Fitzhenry, Castlebridge-Crossabeg.

Under-16 100m: 1, Ciarán Maher, Enniscorthy; 2, Sam O'Neill, Clonard; 3, Michael Andrews, Bree-Davidstown.

Under-16 200m: 1, Luke O'Neill, Clonard; 2, Ross Daly, Enniscorthy; 3, Brandon Sinnott, Bree-Davidstown.

Under-16 1,500m: 1, Evan Murphy, Enniscorthy.

Smaller than usual numbers participated in the field events, but the ball throw and long puck events still remain very popular and with good entries.

In his final year of competition for Community Games, Ryan Carthy-Walsh from Adamstown (who has qualified for the European Youth Olympics) won the high jump and is aiming to make it three gold medals in a row at the national finals this year.


Under-12 ball throw: 1, Grace O'Keeffe, BBBCR; 2, Aoife Murphy, Bree-Davidstown; 3, Ciara Mooney, Adamstown.

Under-14 long jump: 1, Aisling Kelly, Taghmon; 2, Anne-Marie O'Connor, Enniscorthy; 3, Dearbhla O'Hanlon, Taghmon.

Under-14 javelin: 1, Kate Jackman, Adamstown; 2, Rebecca Connor, BBBCR; 3, Michelle Davin, BBBCR.

Under-14 long puck: 1, Méadhbh Foley, Enniscorthy; 2, Fiona Esmonde, Piercestown-Murrintown; 3, Ellie Jevens, Bree-Davidstown.

Under-14 shot putt: 1, Rachel Power, Adamstown; 2, Sarah McRedmond, Glynn-Barntown; 3, Precious Obasahan, Enniscorthy.

Under-16 high jump: 1, Tyra Brennan-Roche, Piercestown-Murrintown.

Under-16 discus: 1, Marguerite Furlong, Adamstown and Amy Forde, Castlebridge-Crossabeg; 3, Zara Power, Adamstown.

Under-16 triple jump: 1, Shannon Wall, Newbawn-Raheen; 2, Tara Farrell, Enniscorthy.


Under-12 long puck: 1, Cian Turner, Glynn-Barntown; 2, Darragh Carley, Glynn-Barntown; 3, Christopher Ryan, Piercestown-Murrintown.

Under-12 ball throw: 1, Cormac Byrne, Adamstown; 2, Cosmo Hewlett, Ring of Hook; 3, Jamie Donnelly, Enniscorthy.

Under-14 shot putt: 1, Conor Brennan, Piercestown-Murrintown; 2, David Kinsella, Enniscorthy.

Under-14 javelin: 1, Joshua Howlett, Ring of Hook; 2, Maxwell Shoyeju, Enniscorthy; 3, Jamie Foley, Enniscorthy.

Under-14 long puck: 1, Raphael Abidoye, Enniscorthy; 2, Joseph Akinyemi, Enniscorthy; 3, Corban Browne, Glynn-Barntown.

Under-16 triple jump: 1, David Obasahan, Enniscorthy; 2, Denis Shoyeju, Enniscorthy; 3, John Kehoe, Bree-Davidstown.

Under-16 high jump: 1, Ryan Carthy-Walsh, Adamstown; 2, Dylan Colfer-Furlong, Taghmon; 3, Michael Abidoye, Enniscorthy.

This year there is a full complement of athletes to compete in the boys' and girls' marathon events at the national finals. The team to compete in the girls' event consists of Elaina Browne (Tintern), Annalise Crean (Bree-Davidstown), Mairéad Crean (Bree-Davidstown) and Katie-Mai McCabe (Bree-Davidstown). The boys' team consists of Joseph Hanlon (Ring of Hook), Michael Kinsella (Enniscorthy), Dylan O'Sullivan (Enniscorthy) and Dylan McVeigh (Enniscorthy).

The relays were the last event on the calendar but boy, how we do like them.

There is great friendly rivalry between the competitors and there are plenty of smiling faces on the podium after the races.

Under-10 mixed: 1, Bree-Davidstown (Gracie Kehoe, Oisín Rochford, Abbie Doyle, Ryan Whelan); 2, Enniscorthy (Dannon Long, Joe Browne, Nicole O'Rourke, Amy O'Brien); 3, Piercestown-Murrintown (Ellie O'Mahoney, Bobby Crosbie, Orla Griffin, Cormac Simpson).

Under-13 mixed: 1, Enniscorthy (Ciara O'Connor, Michael Webster, Shamie Kavanagh, Precious Obasohan, David Kinsella, Anne-Marie O'Connor); 2, Castlebridge-Crossabeg (Darragh Casey, Blathnaid Sinnott, Sonia Milbourne, Andrew Fitzhenry); 3, Adamstown (Rachel Power, Ella English, Cormac Byrne, Tadgh McDonald).

Under-15 mixed: 1, Enniscorthy (Michael Abidoye, Jamie Foley, Blathnaid Fogarty, Tunmise Akinyemi); 2, Adamstown (Kate Jackman, Zara Power, Oisín Mac Gabhann, Luke Byrne); 4, Rathgarogue-Cushinstown (Sam Sutton, Rory O'Connor, Méabh Whitty, Aoife Nic Eochaidh).

Under-16 mixed (4 x 200m): 1, Enniscorthy (Karen Murphy, Anna Kavanagh, Ross Daly, Denis Shoyeju, Tara Farrell, Ciarán Maher); 2, Bree-Davidstown (Michael Andrews, Brandon Sinnott, Aoife Muldoon, Ava Dempsey).

Under-12 girls: 1, Bree-Davidstown (Leah Nolan, Lucy Kehoe, Anna Jevens, Donna Delahunty); 2, Taghmon (Chloe Doyle, Hazel O'Keeffe, Andrea O'Keeffe, Chloe O'Toole); 3, Rathgarogue-Cushinstown (Louise Doyle, Jessica Sutton, Cora McGrath, Caoimhe Cowman).

Under-12 boys: 1, Bree-Davidstown (Cillian Doyle, Craig Andrews, Darragh Kehoe, Seán Fitzpatrick); 2, Castlebridge-Crossabeg (Seán Rowley, Shane Doran, Seán Milbourne, Jack Hennessy); 3, Enniscorthy (Jamie Donnolly, Cian Murphy, Dapo Abidoyu, Shadrach Onwueiko).

Under-14 girls: 1, Bree-Davidstown (Katie Whelan, Sophie Codd, Laura Butler, Gillian Smyth); 2, Clonard (Sabia Doyle, April Keeling, Róisín O'Reilly, Suzie Brennan); 3, Taghmon (Hannah Roche-Kelly, Aisling Kelly, Muireann Hore, Dearbhla O'Hanlon).

Under-14 boys: 1, Enniscorthy (Festy Ebosele, Maxwell Shoyeju, Joseph Akinyemi, Raphael Abidoye); 2, Piercestown-Murrintown (Francis Dempsey, Darragh Collins, Luke Kavanagh, Conor Brennan).

Under-16 boys: 1, Clonard (Sam O'Neill, Luke O'Neill, Jamie Thomas, Aaron Smith, Leon Nolan); 2, Enniscorthy (Dylan O'Sullivan, Dylan McVeigh, David Obasahan, Jake English, Michael Kinsella).

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