Tuesday 15 October 2019

Community Games county finals up and running

he first county finals on the Community Games calendar of events took place recently in Bree Hall.

The Under-10, Under-12 and Under-14 draughts competitions took place, with children from as young as seven years of age competing and enjoying the occasion.

Co-ordinator Jim Doyle organised the event for the county committee, and the hall was nice and warm and welcoming.

A cup of tea or coffee and light refreshments were also on offer and kindly arranged by Clare Doyle.

Thanks also to the hall committee and Bree Community Employment for all their help, and to Martin Humphreys, James Tomkins, Andy Kehoe, Assumpta Jordan, Anna Daly, Patrick Tomkins, Brian Cowman and all who helped out with table supervision.

Under-10: Here we had teams from Clongeen (two), Kilrush-Askamore (two) and Bree/Davidstown (two) in action.

In round one the Kilrush-Askamore 'A' side defeated their second team 20-0; Clongeen 'C' defeated Clongeen 'D' 13-7 while Bree/Davidstown 'B' defeated their mates on the 'F' team 20-0.

In round two, Kilrush-Askamore defeated Bree/Davidstown 'D' 17-3; Clongeen 'D' had a 19-1 victory over Kilrush-Askamore, and Bree/Davidstown 'B' had a 20-0 win over Clongeen 'C'.

Round three saw Bree/Davidstown 'B' defeat Kilrush-Askamore 20-0; Clongeen 'D' defeated Kilrush-Askamore 12-4 and Clongeen 'C' defeated Bree/Davidstown 'E' 12-8.

At this stage Kilrush-Askamore 'A' and Bree/Davidstown 'B' were level on three points each. These teams met each other in round four and drew 10-10, with Clongeen 'D' defeating Bree/Davidstown 'E' 12-8 and Clongeen 'C' defeating Kilrush-Askamore 14-6.

The final round saw wins for Bree/Davidstown 'E' over Kilrush-Askamore 'F' 12-4, Bree/Davidstown over Clongeen 'D', and Kilrush-Askamore 'A' over Clongeen 'C'.

With all rounds over the points were added up and the winners were the Bree/Davidstown 'B' team of Riona Kehoe, Oisín Harte, Fergal Doyle, Matthew Jordan and Sasha McCauley who took the gold medals and the perpetual trophy.

The runners-up were the Kilrush-Askamore 'A' team of Páiric Tomkins, Kelly Kavanagh, Aoibheann Buttle, Tommy Kehoe, Paddy O`Neill and Eoin Cowman.

Under-12: Kilrush-Askamore, Clongeen (two) and Bree/Davidstown were in action in this category.

In round one, Bree/Davidstown defeated Kilrush-Askamore 14-10 while Clongeen 'C' defeated their clubmates on the 'D' team 12-8.

Kilrush-Askamore defeated Clongeen 'D' in round two on a 14-6 scoreline and Clongeen 'C' defeated Bree/Davidstown 'B' 12-8.

Kilrush-Askamore made a clean sweep of things by defeating Clongeen 'C' 14-6 in the final round, with Clongeen 'D' defeating Bree/Davidstown.

Kilrush-Askamore were declared the winners and their team members were Amy Cowman, Conall Butler, Jack Sheridan, Mayo Kavanagh, Laura Kehoe, Ben Walsh and Marita McCrea.

The runners-up were from the Clongeen 'C' team and their members were Aoife Kehoe, Alesha Keogh, Kaleb Blake, Lilly Mullins and Luke Murphy.

Bree/Davidstown had Nathan Doyle, Cathal Ennis, Conn Fraser, George Murphy, Clodagh Dempsey and Charlie Kehoe on their team, while Clongeen 'D' featured Róisín McCormack, Fionn Daly, Laura McCarthy, Keela Daly, Leyon Purcell and Phillippa Coleman.

Under-14: Bree/Davidstown, Kilrush-Askamore and Clongeen had one team each in this category.

Kilrush-Askamore defeated Bree/Davidstown 14-6 and Clongeen 15-5 to win the county title.

Their team members were Anna Tomkins, Cian Lancaster, Mark Devereux, Conor Dillon and Robert McCrea, while the runners-up from the Bree/Davidstown Area had Cillian Dempsey, Katie Doyle, Odhran Kehoe, Travis McCauley and Luke on their panel.

Clongeen were represented by Katie Kehoe, Colin French, Paul Kiely, Caoimhe Gardiner and Francois Rooney.

If your Area has entries for any of the following events listed below, please let the county Secretary know by Friday, February 16.

This deadline is only to e-mail her and let her know if you have an entry and how many teams.

You do not need to have names on the O.R.S. on this date, as it is just so the committee can see the entries and see if a county final is needed or not.

These are the events we need entries in: cross-country, mixed distance relay, marathon, duathlon, mini rugby, gymnastics, table-tennis, basketball, debating, choir, model making, badminton, handball, projects, indoor soccer, culture corner.

All other deadlines have been communicated in previous e-mails and can be seen on your area O.R.S.

Wexford People