Tuesday 20 August 2019

Community Games stage national AGM

HSE Community Games held the national annual general meeting in Letterkenny, Co. Donegal recently.

Wexford were represented by Delores Moran, Jason Moran and Anne Cowman. President Gerry Davenport in his address to the delegates said that the fall in the number of registered Areas has continued in the past year but the majority of this is due to the merger of existing areas.

It would be ideal, he said, if we could consolidate our Area numbers at around 600 and hopefully the graph will be on an upward trend in the coming years.

A period of consolidation in the next few years is needed and a period of honest and open assessment as to what is the best way forward for Community Games as we head towards our Golden Jubilee celebrations.

Many changes have taken place in the past few years and the introduction of the online registration system will hopefully reduce the workload on Area and County Secretaries and give a more accurate figure of the number of participants we have year on year.

Another important piece of work in the year ahead is to revise the current rules book, especially by simplifying some of the complex language used and remove some of the confusion that arises from time to time.

Community Games is one of the biggest organisations in the country with a substantially higher number of participants and volunteers than other national organisations. As the profile of Community Games improves it is critical to maintain and build on the progress that has been made.

The national finals over two weekends in August was a tremendous success, although many counties still wish that the system would revert back to the May weekend as well.

New activities are being introduced year after year without assessing demand for these activities.

Twenty-four new events will be introduced this year at the national festival which will test both the organisational and facility capacity, and Community Games needs to assess their ability to add any additional events to future festivals without the need to discontinue existing activities.

The following officers were elected for the coming year: President, Gerry Davenport (Donegal); Deputy President, Tony Lee (Galway); General Vice-President, Joe Fox (Longford); Secretary, Jude Feehan (Offaly); Treasurer, Janice Cooper (Derry); P.R. and Marketing, Bernie Brennan (Donegal); Activities, Gary Wilmott (Limerick); Youth Officer, Carmel Doyle (Offaly); Security, Clifford Kelly (Cavan); N.E.A.C. members: Kieran Darcy (Offaly), Mary Brett-Kelly (Wicklow), Jane Walsh (Laois), Eileen Doherty (Meath), Pauline Martin-O'Rourke (Tipperary), Michael Sheehan (Limerick), Rúairí Hearey (Derry), Gerry McGuinness (Mayo).

As expected, any motions asking for new events to be introduced into the calendar of events were given a grilling and most failed to be passed.

There were many motions down for discussion re-new events in athletics but all fell, and the same went for the G.A.A. activities.

In the cultural activities, there were a few motions passed. The solo dance modern event is down to Under-12, as is the group dance, solo singing, group singing, solo music, group music and group drama. No props will be allowed in many of these events too.

Judging criteria in choir and and the cultural activities is also being changed.

There will also be two rounds of a picture, audio, spelling or logo round in the table quiz competition.


Friday, March 13: closing date for receipt of entries for indoor soccer, swimming and table quiz.

Sunday, March 29: indoor soccer to be held in Bunclody.

Wednesday, April 1: cultural activities in Raheen Hall.

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