Sunday 17 December 2017

Dee rockets home in unraced stake opener

Two unraced Stakes got under way at Enniscorthy Greyhound Track on Monday of last week, and there was a good attendance present to witness some nice novices on display.

The Dawsons Bar Stake started proceedings and Rocky Dee Rocket got things off to a fast start when getting out well from his trap three draw to lead and run out a very impressive victor in a fast 29 seconds. This very young August '14 son of Piercestown Sand-Blackstone Zippy looks a very nice prospect.

Another win for sire Piercestown Sand came in heat two when Piercestown Stag overcame an unsuitable trap draw (one) as he moved to the middle, leaving Kaleighs Cailin to lead. However, Piercestown showed great determination to battle back and get up to beat the latter by a head in a good 29.15.

Heat three saw favourite Ballarue Brae lead but having to battle hard to hold Coolhill Bound and Stripe Lucy in a time of 29.38.

The M.R.A. Electrical Unraced Stake followed on, with heat one going to the Jacqueline McCann-trained Day Of Pay as the first part of a nice double as she also took heat three when Blue Thatcher was an impressive winner in a good 29.10.

Our Little Dolly was just that for her owners as she went to the front off the second bend and ran out a clear three-length winner in 29.17.

Mama Mermaid took the remaining heat in 29.10 and was impressive in doing so.

The second rounds of both stakes continued last night (Monday).

There is no more racing on Thursday nights during December as the I.G.B. need runners for the nights in Dublin, so Enniscorthy agreed to give up their nights to be replaced by extra nights during the summer of 2016.

The rest of this year's calendar is as follows: racing Monday December 14 and December 21 (end-of-year party night). There will be trial sessions as normal until Friday, December 18. Private trials will then resume on Wednesday, January 6, from 3 to 6 p.m. (must be booked).

November 30 results - race one, The Dawson's Bar Unraced 525 round one, heat one: 1, Rocky Dee Rocket (owner, Dean O'Leary, Co. Wexford), 29.00; 2, Foxglove Kelly, 29.35.

Race two, heat two: 1, Piercestown Stag (owner, Seamus Whelan, Piercestown), 29.15; 2, Kaleighs Cailin, 29.16.

Race three, heat three: 1, Ballarue Brae (owner, Breda Kennedy, New Ross), 29.38; 2, Coolhill Bound, 29.39.

Race four, The M.R.A Electrical Unraced 525, round one, heat one: 1, Day Of Pay (owner, Katie McCann, Enniscorthy; trainer, Jacqueline McCann), 29.16; 2, Tip Top Maddie, 29.51.

Race five, heat two: 1, Our Little Dolly (owners, Sarah Coleman and Cathy Stafford, Co. Wexford), 29.17; 2, Hilark Sand, 29.38.

Race six, heat three: 1, Blue Thatcher (owner, Katie McCann, Enniscorthy; trainer, Jacqueline McCann), 29.10; 2, Vinegarhill Ruby, 29.38.

Race seven, heat four: 1, Mama Mermaid (owner, Diane Tierney, Tagoat), 29.18; 2, Gimme Wolowitz, 29.35.

Race eight, The Track Bar A4 525: 1, Kingsmill Zippy (owner, Aidan Roche, Barntown), 29.44; 2, Money Spinner, 29.49.

Race nine, December A3 575: 1, Lifes A Beauty (owner, Laurence A. Byrne, Gorey; trainer, Tracy Fitzpatrick, Gorey), 31.79; 2, Pre Tax Profit, 31.89.

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