Wednesday 16 October 2019

Devlin enjoys nice double

The 2016 Red Mills Future Champion Unraced Stake took centre stage on Monday of last week, with some very notable runs recorded.

Wexford owner Joe Devlin enjoyed a fine double in heats three and four. Jump Up Johnny was up first and after a poor break from his trap one draw he quickly made up the deficit to lead off the second bend.

However, he was flat out to hold another local runner as Piercestown Tan was gaining with every stride as they approached the line, and only a head separated them in the photo, in a time of 29.56.

Hey Seamus had no such problems when completing the double as he broke fast to lead after red-hot favourite Razldazal Allstar fluffed his lines and was left badly at traps. Hey Seamus went clear down the back as the favourite started to get into overdrive.

He was a good ten lengths off the leader, and although he made up a lot of ground, Seamus was home and had two and a half lengths in hand on the line. The time was a fast 28.99.

The fastest run of the first round came in heat five as the Harry Seery-owned At Sea was impressive when leading in this four-runner field to go on to score by seven and a half lengths in a very good 28.75.

It appears the local runners will put up a strong defence to keep this major prize of €5,500 at home. The second round continues this week.

Some nice performances featured on Thursday night last also, and the 'Shanks' Whelan-owned Piercestown Moll powered to a best of the night run of 28.85.

October 10 results - race one, Welcome To Enniscorthy A8/A9 525: 1, Coco Princess (owner, Mary Flynn, Gracedieu; trainer, Nick Turner), 29.35; 2, Contessa, 29.73.

Race two, Red Mills Future Champion Unraced 525, round one, heat one: 1, Pennys Smoke (owner, Eugene Price, Co. Kildare), 29.54; 2, Willmount Manor, 30.10.

Race three, round one, heat two: 1, Maysmorningrun (owners, Laurence and Brian Jones; trainer, Laurence Jones), 28.99; 2, Gifted Lee, 29.09.

Race four, round one, heat three: 1, Jump Up Johnny (owner, Joe Devlin, Wexford town), 29.56; 2, Piercestown Tan, 29.57.

Race five, round one, heat four: 1, Hey Seamus (owner, Joe Devlin, Wexford town), 28.99; 2, Razldazl Allstar, 29.16.

Race six, round one, heat five: 1, At Sea (owner, Gordon Clayton, Suffolk; trainer, Harry Seery), 28.75; 2, Woe Tyson, 29.27.

Race seven, Unrecorded Trials Wednesday and Friday A5 525: 1, Metric Paul (owner, David O'Brien, Enniscorthy), 29.50; 2, Bubba Maggie, 29.51.

October 13 results - race one, Welcome To Enniscorthy S2/S3 350: 1, Telex Junior (owners, Anton and Tony Butler, Rathaspeck), 19.21; 2, Boderan Mist, 19.24.

Race two, Intertrack Betting A6 525: 1, Metric Grace (owner, Pauline Byrne, Marshalstown), 29.42; 2, Raise A Glass, 29.56.

Race three, The Oceanfeed Greyhound+ A4 525: 1, Bing Annie (owner, Enda Morris, Rosslare Harbour), 29.09; 2, Call Him Timmy, 29.26.

Race four, A3 525: 1, Piercestown Moll (owner, Seamus Whelan, Piercestown), 28.85; 2, Coopers Jane, 28.99.

Race five, The Red Mills A3 525: 1, Glenbrien Nifty (owner, Kathleen Stamp, Glenbrien), 29.14; 2, Metric Mocha, 29.15.

Race six, Unrecorded Trials Wednesday and Friday A2 525: 1, Indian Lover (owner, Patrick Whelan, Enniscorthy), 28.93; 2, Foxglove Arrow, 29.31.

Race seven, The Trackside Diner A4 525: 1, Mulrankin Zip (owner, Thomas Byrne, Mulrankin), 29.06; 2, Ravens Tulip, 29.41.

Race eight, The Track Bar A0/A1 550: 1, Strictly Sand (owner, George Roche, Barntown), 30.67; 2, Tagalong Roy, 30.97.

Race nine, October A3 575: 1, Ballymurn Royal (owners, Brendan and Michael McDonald, Ballymurn), 31.42; 2, Sit Back, 31.73.

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