Wednesday 17 January 2018

Dog track was hive of activity

Three meetings last week

Eugene Dempsey and Nicky Flynn at the greyhound racing in Enniscorthy
Eugene Dempsey and Nicky Flynn at the greyhound racing in Enniscorthy

It was a busy week with three meetings, including two over the Bank holiday weekend, and some big crowds were in attendance for some very good racing.

Sunday's card was a monster race night for the Michael Foley bursary fund and Enniscorthy Rugby Club and it was a big success. Monday night's card featured the first round of the Sam McCauley Pharmacy Unraced Stake.

Owner/trainer John Kehoe of Clonroche had the honour of having the fastest of the heat winners when his Sion For Blaze was an eye-catching winner of heat two in a good 29.11.

May 3 results - race one, The Bolger Brothers A6 525: 1, Ashwood Whiskey (owner, Helen Doyle, Gorey; Blackstone Gene-Ashwood Hayley), 29.92.

Race two, M.S.S. Services A5 525: 1, Rockys Best (owner, Alan Neville, Co. Wexford; Melodys Royal-Whitefort Kate), 29.19.

Race three, The Ensor O'Connor Solicitors A5 525: 1, Mikeys Gold (owner, Michael Whelan, Enniscorthy; Fatboyz Tyson-Jacquelines Lost), 29.33.

Race four, The Rapparees-Starlights A3 525: 1, Menapi (owners, John O'Connor and James Murphy, Enniscorthy; Burnpark Champ-Clean Sweep), 29.04.

Race five, The P.E. Kelly Insurance A4 525: 1, Shaneshill (owners, Cormac and Eddie Doyle; trainer, Thomas Codd; Makeshift-Blackstone Zippy), 29.59.

Race six, The Global Steel A7/A8 525: 1, Bisto Katie (owner, Liam Kavanagh, Co. Wexford; Everlast Lee-Ketch Up Bell), 29.51.

Race seven, The Cooney Furlong A3 525: 1, Moreton Misty (owner, John Spracklen, Saltmills; Head Bound-Sparta Beauty), 29.30.

Race eight, The Power Brothers A4 575: 1, Lord Diamond (owner, Tommy Woods, Enniscorthy; Droopys Scolari-Prodigy Royal), 31.92.

Race nine, The Martins Londis Tomnalossett A2 525: 1, Piercestown Mick (owners, Seamus Whelan and Ronald Shinkwin, Piercestown; Droopys Maldini-Piercestown West), 29.16.

Race ten, The Kavanagh's Pharmacy A3 600: 1, Hondo Zippy (owner, James Connolly, Enniscorthy; Hondo Black-Blackstone Zippy), 33.01.

May 4 results - race one, The Sam McCauley Pharmacy Unraced 525 round one, heat one: 1, Whitefort Ross (owner, Michael O'Connor, Oylegate; Melodys Royal-Whitefort Kate), 29.73.

Race two, 525 round one, heat two: 1, Forest Cody (owner, Patrick Kehoe, Co. Kildare; Forest Master-Forest Jackie), 29.25.

Race three, round one, heat three: 1, Sion For Blaze (owner, John Kehoe, Clonroche; Ballymac Vic-Sion Swift), 29.11.

Race four, round one, heat four: 1, Ballinaboola Risk (owner, Niamh Murphy, Ballinaboola; Ace Hi Rumble-Piercestown West), 29.34.

Race five, round one, heat five: 1, Highest Honor (owner, Padge Kehoe, Clonroche; Blackstone Gene-Droopys Oaks), 29.52.

Race six, round one, heat six: 1, Awaiting Credit (owner, Declan Kinch, Co. Wexford; Archaton Pine-Cahir Lass), 29.51.

Race seven, The Track Bar A5 525: 1, Goneforthespuds (owner, John Joe Fowler, Blackwater; Droopys Maldini-Crash Black), 29.38.

Race eight, The Next Meeting Thursday 7th May A4 525: 1, Effernogue Diva (owner, Michael Nolan, Effernogue; Fatboyz Tyson-Forest Diva), 29.29.

May 7 results - race one, Welcome To Enniscorthy A5 525: 1, Paddock Sky (owners, Tanya Gardiner and Bernard O'Brien, New Ross; trainer, Nick Turner; Skywalker Ace-Turbine Terry), 29.16.

Race two, Intertrack Betting A4 525: 1, Southest Tsunami (owner, Daniel Frayne, Forth Mountain; Razldazl George-Southest Lazey), 29.18.

Race three, Try A Trio A4 575: 1, Insufficientfund (owners, John O'Connor and Tommy O'Rourke, Enniscorthy; Burnpark Champ-Clean Sweep), 31.52.

Race four, The Barking Buzz A4 525: 1, Willmount Jewell (owner, Oliver McGrath, Castlebridge; Forest Master-Vintage Kewell), 29.08.

Race five, Unrecorded Trials Wednesday and Friday A2 525: 1, By A Whisker (owner, Cormac Holloway; trainer, Michael English, Kilkenny; Ace Hi Rumble-Rachaels Tiger), 29.04.

Race six, A2 575: 1, Piercestown Mick (owners, Seamus Whelan and Ronald Shinkwin, Piercestown; Droopys Maldini-Piercestown West), 31.45.

Race seven, The Show Grounds A3 525: 1, Kacys Blu (owner, Denise Whelan, Wexford; trainer, Nick Turner; Ace Hi Rumble-Springmount Chat), 29.14.

Race eight, The Track Bar A0/A1 550: 1, Isarunt (owner, Niall Deacon, Co. Wexford; Burnpark Champ-Clean Sweep), 29.99.

Race nine, Next Meeting Monday 11th May A3 600: 1, Baggerman (owner, Aidan Denton, Enniscorthy; Ace Hi Rumble-Pretty Nicola), 32.82.

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