Wednesday 23 October 2019

George's double reward

The grand prize night of racing was a big success at Enniscorthy Dog Track on Thursday. Barntown man George Roche sponsored the event and was rewarded with a first- and last-race double with his runners, Big Bad Tom and Milands Bob, who were wide margin winners.

The feature race, the €4,500 grand prize final, went to Gorey owner Patricia Flanagan who saw her Fast Fix Alex score an easy win in a very fast time of 28.49.

The grand prize A5 550 yards stake saw a good effort from the Helen Toft (Killinick)-owned Cosy Scolari who got to the lead off the second bend and went on to run strongly to the line to score by four lengths in a useful 30.51.

The grand prize A4 575 final went to the determined Headwire Spike who had ran very well in defeat the previous night and scored a nice win in 31.73 for owners Seamus Dempsey and Seamus O'Brien from Enniscorthy.

The feature event over the next few weeks is the 2016 running of the Red Mills Future Champion Unraced Stake.

October 3 results - race one, Welcome To Enniscorthy S4/S5 350: 1, Stripe Rory (owner, Ned Freeman, Co. Kilkenny), 19.81; 2, Laurens Jay, 19.82.

Race two, A8/A9 525: 1, Glitzy King (owner, Mia Murphy, Co. Wexford), 29.77; 2, Hillside Jack, 29.91.

Race three, Unrecorded Trials Wednesday and Friday A7 525: 1, Kilcarry Pearl (owner, Hugh Lambert, Enniscorthy), 29.71; 2, Yes My Dear, 29.92.

Race four, The Trackside Diner A6 525: 1, Croghan Rizz (owner, Patrick Kinsella, Gorey), 29.28; 2, Aisling Wildcard, 29.58.

Race five, The Track Bar A4 525: 1, Indian Lover (owner, Patrick Whelan, Enniscorthy), 29.08; 2, St. Mullins Daisy, 29.50.

Race six, The Oceanfeed Greyhound+ A4 525: 1, Misterin Sand (owner, Michael Galway, Enniscorthy), 29.22; 2, Tanami Sand, 29.36.

Race seven, The Grand Prize A4 575 semi-final: 1, Spotless Lady (owner, Michael Deegan, Co. Kilkenny), 32.12; 2, Crossleigh Sven, 32.22.

Race eight, The Grand Prize A4 575 semi-final: 1, Karlow Snapper (owner, Henry Kelly, Co. Carlow), 31.69; 2, Headwire Spike, 31.76.

Race nine, October A2/A3 525: 1, Stripe Mary (owner, Ned Freeman, Co. Kilkenny), 29.19; 2, Ravens Jester, 29.20.

October 6 results - race one, Welcome To Enniscorthy A5 525: 1, Big Bad Tom (owner, George Roche, Barntown), 28.95; 2, Safe As Houses, 29.44.

Race two, The Grand Prize A2 525: 1, Gizmo Queenie (owner, Jamie McGee, Co. Meath; trainer, John McGee), 29.20; 2, Ado Foley, 29.21.

Race three, A2 525: 1, Pros Fancy (owner, Eugene Crosbie, Enniscorthy), 28,85; 2, Crossleigh Olaf, 28.99.

Race four, The Grand Prize A5 550 final: 1, Cosy Scolari (owner, Helen Toft, Killinick), 30.51; 2, Lochdara Jet, 30.79.

Race five, The Grand Prize A4 575 final: 1, Headwire Spike (owners, Seamus Dempsey and Seamus O'Brien, Enniscorthy), 31.73; 2, Strictly Pet, 31.94.

Race six, The Grand Prize A3 525 final: 1, Baileys Pringles (owner, Bailey McGee, Co. Meath), 28.98; 2, Tagalong Hylandr, 29.33.

Race seven, The Grand Prize A1/A2 525 final: 1, Fast Fit Alex (owner, Patricia Flanagan, Gorey; trainer, John McGee), 28.49; 2, Street Lane, 28.66.

Race eight, The Grand Prize A0 575: 1, Leahs Phantom (owner, John Atkinson, Enniscorthy), 31.65; 2, Faypoint Rush, 31.66.

Race nine, October A3 575: 1, Millands Bob (owner, George Roche, Barntown), 31.44; 2, Babbie Helen, 32.03.

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